7 Unhealthy Sandwiches You Should Not Order From Jimmy John’s

Most people would agree: Jimmy John’s has become a beloved sub shop, giving sandwich lovers everywhere a reason to ditch other fast food options in search of something a little fresher. With an impressive 2,500 locations nationwide, you’d be hard-pressed to find a person who’s not eaten at a Jimmy John’s — but buyer beware. Just as its competitors have less-than-great-for-you options, so too does Jimmy John’s.

The next time you’re at one of the sandwich giant’s locations, steer clear of these seven menu items.

1. The J.J. Gargantuan

Italian Sub Sandwich with Salami

Buyer beware: Steer clear of these Jimmy John’s sandwiches. | iStock.com/bhofack2

With a name like that, it’s a no-brainer why The J.J. Gargantuan tops the list of what not to order. As Jimmy John’s’ website itself boasts, “It’s huge enough to feed the hungriest of all humans!” Piled high with salami, smoked ham, capicola, roast beef, turkey, and provolone, this sandwich is smothered with Italian dressing. And the end product? It’s 1,135 calories and has 3,905 milligrams of sodium stuffed into French bread.

2. Club Tuna

tuna salad on toasted bread

Don’t go for this tuna sandwich. | iStock.com

The Club Tuna is the Totally Tuna (off the regular 8-inch menu) on steroids. You guessed it — a lot of tuna salad spilling over two pieces of bread. And just imagine all the mayo they need to inject into that tuna for this mighty sandwich to reach 990 calories.

3. Italian Night Club

Submarine sandwich with italian sausage

Salami is just one of the many meats on this sub. | iStock.com/IgorDutina

Think back to the days of Jersey Shore and just how unhealthy those Italian kids really were. Well, this sandwich is kind of like that. Packed with salami, capicola, ham, and provolone, the Italian Night Club wouldn’t be complete without a healthy dose of mayo and vinaigrette, to boot. With 935 calories and plenty of Italian fixings to go around, this sandwich kind of gives a whole new meaning to the term Meathead, wouldn’t you say?

4. Gourmet Veggie Club

bread with avocado

Just because it’s veggie, doesn’t mean it’s healthy. | iStock.com

Ah, yes. A tale as old as time — you think you’re going the super healthy route simply because you’re ordering a veggie sandwich. Well, newsflash — just because it has “veggie” in the title doesn’t mean it’s as healthy as you might assume. Stacked with double provolone, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions, the Gourmet Veggie Club comes in at 975 calories. It really makes you wonder just how much mayo they’re putting on the sandwich, or just how natural the “real avocado spread” actually is.

5. Beach Club

a sandwich and fries

The Beach Club will not give you a beach body. | iStock.com

A sandwich that’s worthy of the name Beach Club may spark images of beach babes and ripped surfers aplenty, but this menu item is far from the healthiest option. Turkey, provolone, mayo, and avocado spread join forces to deliver 815 calories. While we appreciate the somewhat nostalgic name here, the Beach Club certainly doesn’t guarantee anything in the way of bikini-ready bods.

6. Hunter’s Club

The logo and sign of a Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwich Shop

Do yourself a favor and skip this sandwich. | iStock.com/carterdayne

Add a few slices of provolone to ¼ pound of roast beef, then top it all off with a healthy squeeze of mayo, and you’re looking at a sandwich that officially gets you into the 795 calorie club. And with 1,670 milligrams of sodium and 125 milligrams of cholesterol, you’ve just about hit half of the recommended daily intake of each with the Hunter’s Club. It may be tasty, but you might consider hunting for another option that delivers a bit more nutritional value.

7. Billy Club

turkey sandwich with lettuce and tomatoes cut in half

You’re better off making your own. | iStock.com

Yet another contender in the roast beef category, this club stacks up to 780 calories with 2,015 milligrams of sodium. Roast beef, ham, and provolone are drizzled with Dijon mustard and mayo to create the Billy Club. Sure, it may be a healthier option than the rest listed, but it still managed to make the list.