Scientific Research Reveals 7 Things That Make Women More Physically Attractive to Men

No matter how you want to spin it, as humans, we rely on judging people based on how attractive they are. However, what makes us physically attractive to the opposite sex goes a lot deeper scientifically than you would imagine. After all, our species uses what is known as a reproductive fitness assessment to make those determinations.

But first, what’s a reproductive fitness assessment?

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You may not even realize you’re doing it. |

Dr. Midge Wilson of the DePaul University in Chicago told Business Insider’s Graham Flanagan that a reproductive fitness assessment is something that we humans do when we are looking for a mate. It’s essentially a number of factors that create in the mind’s eye someone more physically attractive. In this case, what makes women more physically attractive to men. Some of those factors you can control, and others you can’t … at least not naturally.

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A higher pitched voice

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You may notice this without knowing it. |

Voices can definitely determine a certain level of attractiveness. We have always intuitively known that women prefer men with lower voices and men prefer women with higher voices. The reason men prefer women to have a higher voice is that a higher voice suggests that the woman is petite or youthful.

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Waist-to-hip ratio

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When it comes to the way men look at women, the hips don’t lie. When a male is making the RFA, he will make a determination based on the waist-to-hip ratio. The wider that ratio is, the more physically attractive a woman will be. In fact, men will observe and fixate on the hips area quicker and longer than the legs or the face. The wider waist-to-hip ratio suggests that the woman would be good for breeding.

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Smiling more denotes happiness … duh

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A smile can go a long way toward attracting a mate. | Aleksander Kaczmarek/iStock/Getty Images

We know, you should never tell a woman to smile more. It’s condescending and women are not here to please all men.

That being said, when a woman is looking for a potential mate, it would be wise to smile more. Emotions and expressions are a very big tool in non-verbal communication. In a study published in 2011, researchers found that men expressed more interest in the women who seemed happier and smiled more.

In a related study, men also preferred white, evenly spaced teeth. So keep up with that oral hygiene.

Conversely, women found men who kept a straight face attractive. So gentlemen, continue to brood. Apparently, that age-old trope is still effective.

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Healthy hair is more attractive

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A full head of thick, healthy hair is a plus. | Robert Daly/Getty Images

Naturally, we are always trying to get the best hair we can. Sometimes we even use unnatural techniques to get that hair. Science tells us the reason we like healthy flowing hair is that it suggests good health and youth. When it comes to reproduction, these are two important subconscious factors for attraction.

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Wear more red in your outfits

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Red appears to be the magic color. |

Red has always been a go-to attractor for women. Every woman should have a sexy red dress in their boudoir if they are trying to attract an American male. Red is largely associated with love and passion in our culture, whereas other cultures have other associations with red. In fact, colors play a huge role in our subconscious depending on the cultural implications.

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Wear less makeup

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The au naturel look is in and we couldn’t be happier. In a study a Bangor University, doctors found that makeup has little effect in making women more attractive. In fact, a previous study found that men prefer women that wear 40% fewer cosmetics.

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Here’s what really matters most

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Confidence is key | Zero Creatives/iStock/Getty Images

All of these factors are something that you’re born with or you can change with minimal effort. But you should never want to change anything you can before you’re happy with the things you have. The No. 1 thing that real men find most attractive is confidence. Move with it and none of these factors will really matter. If they don’t like it, they’re not the men you want.

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