Secrets Behind Barron Trump’s Bond With His Similarly Aged Nieces and Nephews (Plus, Who Gets Picked on the Most)

President Donald Trump brings with him many firsts to the White House. Among them is having the first son in the White House since John F. Kennedy Jr., Barron Trump. Barron’s nieces and nephews make visits to the White House to visit their family (see who gets teased on page 7). Discover what his relationship is like as an uncle to children who are close to his age, ahead.

Barron’s nieces and nephews are close in age

Donald Trump Jr. (C) and his wife Vanessa Trump attend the 140th annual Easter Egg Roll with their five children,

Barron and the other Trump kids are remarkably close in age. | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Barron, President Donald Trump’s youngest child, is very close in age with his nieces and nephews. They can all play and experience their childhoods together. Barron spends time with Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr.’s children, playing the dual role of uncle and playmate.

Hint: Barron likes to play alone and with other kids.

Barron likes to play alone

Melania and Barron Trump

Barron tends to be somewhat of a loner. | Alex Wong/Getty Images

“He loves to play alone sometimes,” Melania Trump told Parenting magazine. “He can play by himself for hours.” Even though Barron enjoys playing by himself, he does like to play with other kids. “But of course he has a lot of play dates and friends that he plays with,” Melania added.

Hint: Barron has similar interests as his nieces and nephews.

The Trump kids like to play golf

President Donald J. Trump, his son Barron Trump, 11, and first lady Melania Trump exit Marine One on the South Lawn

Barron and his father both love this sport. | Alex Edelman-Pool/Getty Images

Donald Trump, his children, and grandchildren all enjoy golf. Barron likes to play golf with his father at their Mar-a-Lago property in Florida, Melania told Parenting magazine. Donald Trump Jr.’s daughter, Chloe, also likes to golf, according to an Instagram video shared by her dad. We’re guessing the Trump clan gets together on the links as often as their schedules allow.

Hint: The Trump kids play in the White House.

Barron spends quality time with his family

Donald Trump, Barron Trump and Melania Trump

Barron might keep to himself, but he still enjoys family time. | Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images

Barron does spend time playing with his nieces and nephews. “They have so much fun together and they are so young. They’re really just kids. So they are just enjoying it,” Ivanka said. “They spend a lot of time in the Oval [Office] with their grandfather, which is a lot of fun for them.”

Hint: Barron and youngest nephew have fun during the inauguration of Donald Trump as president.

Barron and Theodore Kushner play peekaboo

Ivanka and her baby son, Theodore

Barron even tries to play with the youngest members of the family. | Ivanka Trump via Instagram

During Inauguration Day, Barron took a few moments to keep his nephew entertained. He played peekaboo with his nephew, Theodore, according to the Daily Mail. Barron’s mother, Melania Trump, and sister, Ivanka Trump, are all smiles while Barron plays with his baby nephew.

Hint: Barron acts like an uncle.

Barron holds Joseph’s hand

Jared Kushner, senior advisor and son-in-law to U.S. President Donald Trump, kisses his son Joseph Kushner before the pardoning ceremony for the National Thanksgiving Turkey

Barron may be particularly close with his young nephew, Joseph. | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Walking on the South Lawn of the White House, Barron held the the hand of his nephew, Joseph Kushner. While Barron may be relatively close in age to Joseph, he still dons his uncle hat by holding his hand on their way to the presidential helicopter. But, Barron is still a young boy who likes to joke. See how he teases his family, next.

Hint: Barron is known to tease this member of his family.

Joseph Kushner gets teased

Joseph Kushner in a costume outside

Ivanka says the other kids may traumatize Joseph in a funny way at times. | Ivanka Trump via Instagram

Barron and his niece Arabella, tease Arabella’s younger brother, Joseph. “They’ll send him on random chases and distract him and send him off in different directions,” Ivanka Trump told Fox & Friends. “They traumatize Joseph a little bit.”

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