The Secrets Behind Vladimir Putin’s Rumored Girlfriend and the Young Child Who May Be His

Russian President Vladmir Putin has gone to great lengths to shield his private life from the media. In fact, he is so private that no confirmed photographs exist of his two adult daughters. Many people are curious about his life behind the scenes. He receives just as much attention for his love life as he does for his role as president of Russia. Rumors have circulated about the romance he is allegedly having with a much younger woman. Some also think he and this woman might have a love child (or two).

Here’s what we know about Vladmir Putin’s rumored girlfriend and the young child who may be his.

Vladmir likes the ladies

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin adjusts his sunglasses as he watches an air show

Putin considers himself to be a ladies’ man. | Dmitry Kostyukov/AFP/Getty Images

Putin makes sure to take time to express his appreciation for women. In March 2018, he commemorated International Women’s Day by reciting a poem and thanking women for their contributions. Said Putin in a statement released by the Kremlin:

All this is for you, ladies. We are happy to have such a wonderful occasion to express again our deep respect for you, our enchantment with your beauty and tenderness … Only women can create a welcoming atmosphere at work and at home, take care of our homes and children every day and be a moral example to them … Woman is the kind and serene figure in every man’s life.

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And the ladies like him


Putin has been serenaded in public.  | Sergei Ilnitsky/AFP/Getty Images

Apparently, Putin is well-liked among some of the young women in Russia. Back in 2010, as a birthday gift for Putin, a group of female students and alumni of Moscow State University’s journalism department produced a calendar for him. But it wasn’t just any calendar. The women were posing in lingerie.

In the racy calendar, each woman left a seductive message for the president. The March model wrote, “The fires are out, but I’m still burning,” reports The New York Daily News. This is a reference to wildfires that killed more than 50 Russians. Putin helped fight the fires by dropping water from a plane.

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His ex-wife

Russia's President Vladimir Putin and his wife Lyudmila attend a service at Blagoveshchensky

The Putins split in 2014. | ALEXEI NIKOLSKY/AFP/GettyImages

Vladmir and Lyudmila Putin married in 1983 and divorced in 2014. Their divorce was announced in an unusual way. The couple made the announcement during a public appearance at the State Kremlin Palace. They were there to see the ballet La Esmeralda. During the intermission, they told the media they had decided to end their marriage.

The former Mrs. Putin later remarried. She reportedly married businessman Artur Ocheretny, who is 20 years her junior. The couple is living a lavish lifestyle in a fancy French villa worth up to $7.46 million, reports the Washington Post.

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Disappearing from the public eye

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin walks near a new Russian fighter jet Sukhoi T-50

Putin spent time in 2015 away from the public eye. | Alexey Druzhinin/AFP/Getty Images

During part of 2015, Putin hadn’t been seen for an extended period of time. There were many speculations about the reason for his disappearance. Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry S. Peskov fielded questions about Putin’s health. Some speculated he might be recovering from a tough strain of the flu that was going around in Moscow. Other speculations were that Putin was the victim of a palace coup, another was that he was in Switzerland for the birth of his love child, reports The New York Times.

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A love child?

Vladimir Putin hands flowers to Alina Kabayeva in 2001. | Sergei Chirikov/AFP/Getty Images

Yet another guess was that Putin was spending time with his alleged mistress. The rumor of a possible love child was printed in a Swiss tabloid, reports Page Six. The tabloid reported that Putin spent a week with former Olympic gymnastics medalist Alina Kabayeva. The paper claims he made the trip so he could witness the birth of his alleged love child in a clinic in Switzerland’s Canton of Ticino.

Some think there’s more than one love child.  In 2016, Kabayeva was seen attending an ice skating show with two young boys. The sighting prompted some to speculate they were Kabayeva and Putin’s children, reports the UK’s Express.

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Who is Vladmir Putin’s rumored girlfriend?

Alina Kabayeva | Ian Walton/Getty Images for Laureus

Kabayeva is a retired rhythmic gymnast. She is also the chair of National Media Group, which is the board of directors of the largest Russian media corporation. In addition, she has been a member of the Public Chamber of Russia. Putin’s alleged girlfriend was first linked to him romantically in 2008 when the two were reportedly caught kissing at a Moscow restaurant.

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Some think things are getting even more serious

Could Kabayeva become the next first lady of Russia? | Giuseppe Cacace/AFP/Getty Images)

Kabayeva was recently seen wearing what appeared to be a wedding ring during an Italy trip. Some think the pair are secretly married or possibly heading down the aisle in the future. One reason is because Kabayeva hasn’t been linked to any other romantic partners since 2008, even though she is considered one of Russia’s most eligible women, reports the Express.

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