These Insider Secrets Reveal How Some People Are Effortlessly Skinny

We all have that one friend who seems to eat whatever they want and still manages to maintain a slim, muscular build. Attribute it to a high metabolism or genetics, but those effortlessly skinny people seem to have a secret that the rest of the world needs to hear.

Want to know the secrets of the effortlessly skinny? Read on.

They don’t associate food with guilt or shame

Doughnuts can have a place in a healthy diet.

Doughnuts can have a place in a healthy diet. |

Sticking to a diet means you’re following a strict set of rules that determine what, when, and how much you can eat. When you eat the wrong thing or have a moment of weakness, you may throw in the towel, go on a binge, or feel so guilty that you put pressure on yourself. Effortlessly slim people are just as likely to delve into a box of doughnuts — but they don’t dwell on their poor choices. “Naturally thin people enjoy their food every bit as much as overweight people do,” psychologist Stephen Gullo tells “In fact, many enjoy it more, because they eat without self-reproach.”

Taking off the pressure removes the guilt and shame commonly associated with eating and allows you to quickly move on from your mistakes to get back on track.

They don’t obsess over food throughout the day

A woman sits at her desk with her head in her hands.

You don’t have to stress about lunch first thing in the morning. | Mihail Ulianikov/iStock/Getty Images

If you are a big calorie counter, you probably think about food all day every day. This can result in eating when you don’t even feel hungry. (Or even worse, your obsession can manifest into an eating disorder.) The effortlessly skinny, however, don’t give food quite so much power. The Huffington Post points out that the naturally slim eat when they feel hungry and then move on to other things. These slender individuals also don’t over-stuff themselves, which brings us to …

They trust their bodies

A group of friends eat dinner at a restaurant.

Listen to your body when you eat — you’ll be able to tell when you’re really full. |

While dieters are conscious of calories and what foods “aren’t allowed,” the effortlessly slim rely on their bodies to tell them when they’re full and what they shouldn’t eat. When a giant pizza is placed in front of them, they will eat enough to feel satisfied or pleasantly full, but won’t continue eating until they feel stuffed.

Writer Ashley Palmer for says she learned this from her naturally skinny friends, that they “trusted their internal hunger and fullness mechanisms and it worked for them without fail.” By listening to their bodies, they’re able to forgo calorie counting and binding diet rules.

They eat smart

Happy woman eating green apple at a table.

Eat hydrating foods throughout the day. |

Ever notice how filling a couple slices of watermelon can be? Or how quickly a hot soup fills you? Research by Barbara Rolls, a professor of nutrition at Pennsylvania State University, found that consuming foods with high water content is a habit of thin people. This includes fruits, vegetables, soups, and cooked whole grains, which are low in calories but still filling. These foods trick your mind into thinking you’ve eaten more than you really have. By starting out a meal with a sizable soup or salad, you will find yourself eating less later on.

They know it’s a marathon, not a sprint

A man takes a hike while wearing fitness gear.

Avoid crash-dieting and create a healthy lifestyle for yourself. |

It can be tempting to click on those online advertisements that promise 15 pounds of weight loss in a month, but crash diets don’t lead to a lasting slim physique. Effortlessly slim people understand that the best way to get rid of weight gain is a slow, life-changing approach. “Slow weight loss is a sign that you’re making slow and steady changes to your behaviors that are likely to stick for life,” Julie Upton, R.D. tells Women’s Health Magazine.

Start your weight-loss journey gradually and mindfully by evaluating the way you eat. Start by cutting back on the quantity of food you consume and increasing your fitness regime. By taking it slow, you will create new daily habits. That way, when you reach your weight loss goals, those habits will still be in place to maintain your healthy and slim figure.

They put themselves first

A man sits on a beach chair overlooking the ocean.

Make time for yourself and your needs. |

A large part of your life is spent giving to others. You give your time to work, make sure your partner is happy, spend time with friends, and catch up with family regularly. These things may make those around you happy, but more often than not they restrict the amount of “you” time left in the day.

Working out and eating right should be one of your top priorities. Don’t forget that you are in control of what goes in your mouth and what time you set aside to take care of your personal needs.

They don’t skip meals

A man eats a healthy breakfast.

Always eat when you’re hungry. |

If there’s one meal most people are guilty of skipping from time to time, it’s breakfast. Research has found those who forgo a morning meal tend to consume more calories at lunchtime. When you’re starving, you’re likely to overeat and may allow yourself to gorge on more food than you actually need to feel satisfied. The same rule applies to skipping other meals throughout the day.

The effortlessly slim, however, don’t allow their bodies to go into starvation mode. “Thin people have what I call a food groove—the majority of their meals consist of well-planned staples,” author Judith S. Beck, PhD. tells “There are a few surprises thrown in, but for the most part, their diets are fairly predictable.”

Long story short: The effortlessly thin stick to a plan and don’t skip meals. Therefore, they are less likely to go on a binge.