These Are the Secrets Your Partner Won’t Tell You

You and your significant other may be as open with each other as can be. Even so, there are a few secrets that your partner is keeping from you. Not because he or she is trying to lie to you — there are just little things your main squeeze chooses to keep to themselves. Wondering what mysteries lie within your relationship? Here are the secrets your partner likely won’t tell you.

They’re comparing you to their ex

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You may think that you S.O. is busy mentally comparing you to his or her ex. But in reality, your partner is secretly trying to match up to your ex. One writer for pooled her male friends and found this to be widely true. Why? She writes that “they’re wondering if they are better lovers or better boyfriends than the other men in their girlfriends’ past.”

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They need more space

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Often couples feel that they have to do everything together. But if your partner seems a bit distracted when you’re together, it could be that he or she secretly needs a little space to be alone. “Everyone needs some time to spend with themselves in order to reconnect with their old self, (and) to analyze their thoughts, feelings and actions,” explains.

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Approval from their friends is crucial

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While your partner may not say it out loud, it’s really important that you get along with his or her friend base. tells us that both sexes want for their partner to be liked by their posse. That being said, your partner also secretly doesn’t want his or her friends to get too close to you. This can make your main squeeze feel uneasy.

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The fear of rejection is constant

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There is a chance that your significant other is hiding that he or she has a constant fear of being rejected or dumped by you. Unfortunately, this secret behavior can hurt your relationship. Researcher Giuseppe Pantaleo tells Men’s Fitness that this can inevitably lead to a real breakup. “If your head is swirling with fears of potential betrayal or preoccupied with the notion that many relationships don’t go the distance, you may be inadvertently hurting your relationship by causing yourself to be less committed.”

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Getting ghosted hurts

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Nobody in a relationship likes it when the other person goes radio silent. In fact, it’s likely that your S.O. has a constant secret fear of you disappearing on him or her. And the psychological stress this puts on our partner is rough. “For many people ghosting can result in feelings of being disrespected, used and disposable,” Psychology Today explains. It’s possible that your partner experienced this in a past relationship, and is afraid of reliving it.

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They’re super insecure

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Your partner may appear to be confident. But under the surface, he or she is secretly keeping their insecurities hidden. says that “a lot of guys can put together a whole list of personal complaints” but don’t necessarily divulge that information to their partners. Listening closely to your partner for expertise is a good way to put this secret fear to rest.

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They’re always thinking about the future

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The future is on everyone’s mind. | Pippel

Your significant other may not like planning too far in advance. But the truth is, he or she is secretly planning for the future in their heads. This may come as a surprise, especially when it comes to the male species. “Your boyfriend might not like talking about your potential plans, but he does daydream about your future,” says.

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