Seth Meyers’ Wife Gave Birth in a Lobby, But His Reaction May Be the Best Part

Every birth story is unique, but Seth and Alexi Meyers’ story is wildly hilarious. The late night comedian recounted on Late Night With Seth Meyers what happened when his wife went into labor. Of course this was no standard birth.

His 911 call (page 5) is priceless.

1. The couple’s first son was almost born in an Uber

Seth Meyers posing with his wife and baby.

Their first baby was also excited to see the world. | Seth Meyers via Instagram

Meyers recounts how his first son Ash was born and it was very dramatic. His wife’s contractions came on so suddenly and quickly, the couple was worried the baby would be born in the Uber they took to the hospital. “We just made it to the hospital with 20 minutes to spare,” Meyers recalled.

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2. Alexi worried she wouldn’t make it to the hospital in time

Seth and Alexi posing on a red carpet.

Alexi quickly went into labor. | Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

The couple experienced déjà vu with the second birth as Meyers said, “Move over that story, ‘cause that’s so normal compared to what happened yesterday.”

After what seemed like a normal day, the couple thought it might be time to go to the hospital at some point. Although they were in touch with their doctor and everything seemed calm, Meyers said his wife suddenly looked at him and said, “We have to go to the hospital now!”

“Which was not the calm I was looking for,” Meyers laughed.

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3. The couple makes a last minute decision

Seth Meyers looking surprised.

Meyers had to act fast. | Monica Schipper/Getty Images

Alexi’s midwife makes it to Meyers’ apartment as Alexi’s pain increases. “It seems like now it’s just one long contraction.” They call an Uber, but as the group makes their way down the steps of the apartment, Alexi says, ‘I can’t get in that car. I’m going to have the baby right now. The baby is coming.’”

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4. This was how Alexi gave birth

Firefighters surrounding Alexi and Seth Meyers.

She did not make it to the hospital. | Celebteanews_ via Instagram

Meyers attempts to calm his wife and says as his eyes widen, “I know because I’ve been through exactly one birth.”

Alexi decided she wasn’t going anywhere “So my wife basically decided for us and she went and lied down in our lobby and we just sort of like created like a semicircle around her and you know, we undressed her and the baby was just out. The head of the baby was out.”

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5. But then this happened

Seth Meyers smiling next to his wife, who is holding their newborn baby.

The baby was delivered safely and quickly. | Doulatrainingint via Instagram

When he called 911, Meyers recounts what he said to the operator in about a minute timespan. “We’re about to have a baby. We’re having a baby. We had a baby.”

“I went from like calling in about an emergency to sharing good news with a stranger,” Meyers laughed.

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6. Meyers’ hilarious description of the birth

Seth Meyers holding a photo of his wife's delivery.

It was a whirlwind of a delivery. | Celebteanews_ via Instagram

At this point Meyers is laughing and could only describe the birth in his own special way. “I looked at my wife. The only way to describe it, like someone hiding a baby in a pair of sweatpants. It was like somebody was trying to sneak the baby on a plane.”

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7. Why the couple named the baby Axel

Alexi and Seth smiling at each other.

The couple chose this very special name. | Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Although Meyers said the couple named the baby Axel because they liked the name, he plans to tell his son the name came because firemen were there when he was born. “He’ll say ‘I don’t like it!’ And I’ll say ‘You could have been Hose!’”

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