Signs Your Partner Is Cheating on You

2. Your partner’s cell phone is closely guarded

Man with cell phone

Your partner shouldn’t have to guard their cell phone. |

If your partner has started keeping his or her cell phone very close, take note. Unless an important call is expected, constantly keeping an eye on the cell phone and running to the bathroom with phone in hand is a sign something is amiss. Certified relationship coach Chris Armstrong, founder of relationship site Maze of Love, said keeping one’s cell phone closer than usual is a bad sign. Armstrong told The Cheat Sheet:

A healthy couple in a relationship with no secrets should be able to write an email in an open space and lay their cell phone on the table without worrying what the other person may find if they glanced at it. But when someone is cheating, it is very likely that they have texts, emails, or other communication from the person they are cheating with, and thus they will protect their phone at all times.

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