Signs Pippa and Kate Middleton’s Relationship Isn’t as Royalty-Proof as Everyone Thinks

Pippa Middleton first made headlines when she wore that unforgettable white dress to sister Kate Middleton’s 2011 royal wedding. Since then, the two have been spotted together many times. But their relationship might not be as close as it seems, and it’s definitely not as close as it once was.

The two sisters were extremely close growing up

Pippa Middleton smiles as Kate Middleton waves.

Did these two sisters drift apart? | Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Kate and Pippa Middleton are less than two years apart. Growing up, the sisters were best friends. The girls grew up with their parents and brother and spent nearly every day together — the two were also very close with their younger brother, James Middleton. Kate has said that she wants to recreate the family dynamic she had while growing up and have a big, close-knit family. However, royalty can get in the way of close family relationships.

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Pippa stole the show at Kate’s wedding

Pippa Middleton smiling on her sister's wedding day.

Pippa stole the show. | Paul Ellis/AFP/Getty Images

It was no secret that Pippa turned heads at William and Kate’s 2011 wedding. Pippa, then 27, nearly crashed Twitter when she showed up in a white dress with a neckline that didn’t seem fit for a royal wedding. The following day, there was just as much news about Pippa as there was about William and Kate. Although Kate didn’t have much to say about her sister overshadowing her big day, we’d like to think she probably wished she’d chosen a different outfit for her maid of honor.

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… And Kate didn’t want the same for her sister

Prince George and Princess Charlotte on Pippa's wedding day.

On Pippa’s wedding day, Kate stayed on the sidelines. | Kirsty Wigglesworth/Pool/Getty Images

When Pippa tied the knot with now-husband James Matthews in 2017, Kate did not play a role in her wedding. Why? Because the Duchess of Cambridge didn’t want to steal the spotlight on her sister’s big day. Instead, Kate decided she wanted to be in the background as much as possible, and only Prince George and Princess Charlotte would be in Pippa’s wedding. Perhaps that’s because Kate knows what it felt like to have someone else steal the limelight at your wedding.

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There were rumors about Kate being annoyed with her sister’s engagement

Pippa Middleton stands with her husband on her wedding day.

According to rumors, Kate doesn’t approve of Pippa’s husband. | Arthur Edwards/WPA Pool/Getty Images

Multiple reports came out after Pippa’s engagement that claimed Kate was not happy with Pippa’s “wild” fiancé. Reports also claimed that Pippa was sick of Kate’s judgmental attitude, and the two were not getting along since Pippa’s big news. However, William and Kate did release a statement saying they were very happy for Kate’s sister. While the royals always show proper poise and respect, it’s unclear if they released the statement just to avoid the publicized drama, or if they were actually perfectly fine with Pippa tying the knot.

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They don’t see each other that often

Pipp and Kate Middleton sit together and talk.

They don’t run in the same circles anymore. | Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Kate is a royal. Royals have things to do. As a result, Kate and Pippa don’t spend as much time together as they used to. When Kate married into the royal family, she gave up any hope of a normal life — which included normal hangouts with her younger sister. The two can’t wander into a coffee shop together without everyone turning heads. They can’t go on a shopping date anymore without tight-knit security. Spending carefree time with one another is a thing of the past, and those strict rules are bound to have some kind of impact on anyone.

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The royal family has a different way of life

Pippa Middleton wears ski gear while being interviewed by reporters.

Was Pippa given an ultimatum? | Jonathan Nackstrandi/AFP/Getty Images

Pippa Middleton’s career plans were put on hold by her sister’s new family. E! Online reported that when Pippa wanted a career in television, she was “reined in” by her brother-in-law, who wasn’t happy with the wave of attention Pippa received at his wedding. A friend of Pippa’s told The Daily Mail, “It was felt by William in particular that she needed some guidance and support.” When Pippa had to be told how to live by her sister’s new husband’s standards, it likely caused some tension in the sisterly relationship.

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Kids always make things more complicated

Prince George and Princess Charlotte holding their parents' hands.

We hope that Pippa doesn’t mind the fact that Kate has her hands full. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

This goes for any relationship. Once kids are thrown into the mix, it becomes even harder to maintain a close relationship with your siblings. Especially since Kate’s kids happen to include two princes and princess. It’s possible that when Pippa and her new husband decide to have a baby, the families can have play dates all day every day. However, with Kate trying to raise three little ones, and royal little ones nonetheless, it’s easy to drift from those who used to know you best.

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Meghan Markle

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announce their engagement.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announce their engagement. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Royal relation to Kate: sister-in-law

Kate and Meghan Markle have met many times, and Prince Harry’s wife has also spent time with Kate and William’s children. Considering Kate’s affinity for her brother-in-law it’s no surprise sources say she defended her sister-in-law as the media reported about Markle’s previous divorce and sometimes-racy career.

Royal protocol doesn’t allow for a best man or maid of honor at royal weddings, but Prince William broke this rule when Harry was his best man in 2011. Harry returned the favor — and while it was rumored that Kate could be Markle’s matron of honor, the Duchess of Sussex chose not to have a maid of honor at her nuptials.

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Princess Eugenie

Princess Eugenia and kate Middleton stand side by side.

Princess Eugenie seems to really like Kate despite maybe wanting the spotlight for herself. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Royal relation to Kate: cousin-in-law

The media noticed awkward dynamics between Princess Eugenie and Kate early on. But things seem better in recent years. Of course, Eugenie remains most loyal to her sister, Princess Beatrice (more on that drama later). But Eugenie is reportedly on good terms with the whole family, especially Princes William and Harry.

In January 2017, Buckingham Palace announced Eugenie’s engagement to long-term boyfriend Jack Brooksbank. Both the royal family and her fiancé’s family expressed delight over the upcoming nuptials. It seems the princess has a future of her own to focus on.

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Princess Beatrice

Kate Middleton and Princess Beatrice standing together at an event.

Rumors about Princess Beatrice and Kate claim they don’t get along. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Royal relation to Kate: cousin-in-law

Sarah, Duchess of York (commonly known as Fergie) has long caused a rift in the royal family. So much so that it created tension between her daughters, Princess Beatrice and Eugenie, and the rest of the royal family. Many believe this rift translated to the girls not liking Kate — although Eugenie seems to have warmed up to her cousin-in-law.

Princess Beatrice is reportedly quite icy toward Kate, feeling sidelined due to Kate’s place and popularity in the royal family, especially with her grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. The feud between the two women regularly steals headlines.

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Lady Louise of Windsor

Britain's Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (R) and Lady Louise Windsor watch the rowing finals during the London 2012 Paralympic Games

Then-8-year-old Lady Louise Windsor watches the London 2012 Paralympic Games with the Duchess of Cambridge. | Stefan Roussea/AFP/GettyImages

Royal relation to Kate: cousin-in-law

Daughter of Prince Edward and Sophie, Countess of Wessex, Lady Louise caught the public’s attention when she served as one of Kate’s adorable bridesmaids in 2011. Since then, Louise and Kate have enjoyed many public outings together. Despite their age difference (Louise is 14 and Kate is 36), the queen’s granddaughters get along swimmingly. They’re often seen chatting and laughing while representing the royal family.

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Queen Elizabeth II

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Queen Elizabeth II watch part of a children's sports event.

She has a special place in Queen Elizabeth’s heart. | Phil Noble/WPA Pool/Getty Images

Royal relation to Kate: grandmother-in-law

Some relatives seem to have a problem with the attention Kate Middleton receives. It’s not surprising because she clearly maintains one of the best relationships with Queen Elizabeth. Kate reportedly dated Prince William for a while before meeting the queen for the first time at Peter and Autumn Phillips’ wedding. She and her royal grandmother have only grown closer since then.

Additional reporting by Chelena Goldman.

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