Signs Prince Harry’s Real Father May Be Princess Diana’s Lover and What That Would Mean for the Royal Family

Prince Harry has always stuck out in family photos like a red-headed stepchild. That’s mainly because he doesn’t look like the rest of the family. It is widely known that Prince Charles wasn’t faithful to Princess Diana. Diana admitted that she repaid him in kind on national television in 1995. Could it be possible that Prince Harry isn’t Prince Charles’ son at all? Some rumors have suggested just that. Take a look at the evidence and decide for yourself.

Princess Diana’s affair with James Hewitt

Princess Diana and Major James Hewitt collage.

Left: Prince Diana in a stunning red jacket. | WPA/Pool/Getty Images, Right: James Hewitt in 2004. | Steve Finn/Getty Images

James Hewitt had always claimed that he had a relationship with Princess Diana. It was never corroborated until an interview with BBC in 1995. Martin Bashir asked Princess Diana if she had a relationship with James Hewitt that was more than a friendship. To which Diana responded “Yes, I adored him. Yes, I was in love with him.” In fact, they had an affair that lasted nearly five years. That had led a lot of people to think that Harry may not be Charles’ son.

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Prince Harry is the spitting image of James Hewitt

Prince Harry and Major James Hewitt collage.

Left: Prince Harry has a striking resemblance to James Hewitt. | Patrick Hertzog/Getty Images, Right: James Hewitt was very close to Princess Diana. | Steve Finn/Getty Images

The striking similarities between the two men are unavoidable. First off, the red hair the two share are noticeably absent from the rest of the Windsor family. Then there is the smile that shows both the top and bottom teeth. They are endearing, although somewhat cartoonish. It would seem that someone modeled the characters in Wallace and Gromit after their smiles.

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Charles and Harry look almost nothing alike

Prince Charles applauds while sitting next to Prince Harry.

Was there any resemblance between Prince Charles and Prince Harry? | Clive Brunskill /Allsport/Getty Images

If you are to look at both princes when they were the same age, they don’t really share that many features. The hair is different and the head structure doesn’t share that many similarities. One thing we will note is that the nose of the two is similar. So there is some hope there.

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Prince Harry would lose all royal rights and privileges

Prince Harry is in a light grey suit.

Life would change for Prince Harry if this were true. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

The Monarchy is not only the head of the British Commonwealth, they are also the head of the Church of England. As such, only legitimate children are considered a member of the royal family. Legitimate children meaning that they were born in wedlock between the two that are married. If Prince Harry’s father is not Charles, then he would essentially be a bastard.

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British Parliament would never bestow royalty to a bastard

The royal family on a balcony.

The royal family has some very strict rules. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

The line of succession in the monarchy is extremely important. Currently, Prince Harry is No. 5 in line for the thrown. Let’s say that he is a bastard and the country wanted him to have his royal privileges restored. Parliament wouldn’t do that because it would create a title wave of claims on the throne by the lineage of so many bastards out there. Let’s just say the royal family has a long history of children out of wedlock.

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The red hair is actually a Spencer trait … from Princess Di

Princess Diana holding a bouquet of flowers.

Princess Diana’s family has many redheads. | Kevin Larkin/AFP/Getty Images

If you actually pay attention to Diana’s family, the Spencers, they mostly have red hair. Princess Dianna had a habit of dying and highlighting her hair. It’s probably because of that habit so many rumors circulated about Harry’s paternity.

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The affair was after Harry was born

Major James Hewitt standing next to a car.

James Hewitt is unlikely to be Prince Harry’s father. | Julian Herbert/Getty Images

James Hewitt became Princess Diana’s riding instructor in the eighties. It’s a known fact that the affair between the two started in 1986. That is two years after Prince Harry was born. Unless they had a time machine, it’s impossible for James Hewitt to be the father. Then again, they could have had a tryst years before only to reignite passions in the summer 1986. We will let you decide if these rumors are true.

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