Tell-Tale Signs Someone You Know May Be a Sociopath

A compulsive liar or toxic coworker can make life hell. But is something more going on? Without an official diagnosis, it’s hard to tell. However, you can spot a potential sociopath by these telltale signs.¬†One¬†common red flag is visible in nearly all sociopaths (page 10).

1. He explodes with anger

Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman in American Psycho is swinging an axe.

Christian Bale portrayed a true sociopath in American Psycho. | Lions Gate Films

When things don’t go the way the sociopath had planned, it results in sudden anger. Ever see someone fly off the handle, or have an ugly meltdown over a minor slight? That anger stems from the fact that the inner narcissist is seemingly out of control of their surroundings, which doesn’t jive with a sociopath’s worldview.

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