7 Signs You Are Seriously Out of Shape

If your days consist of running to and from work, cleaning up the house, taking care of family, and maybe slipping in some time with your friends, you may feel like there’s no time to exercise. Even if you can make time for the gym, the idea of getting sweaty and working so hard might make you want to slip even further into your couch cushions. In either case, there’s a good chance you could be severely out of shape and have a difficult time performing even the simplest of physical fitness tests. Here are seven signs that you should kick your daily activity level up a notch, because you’re not as in shape as you think you might be.

1. You can’t do push-ups

man performing push-ups on a dock outside

Push-ups are a good measure of physical fitness. | iStock.com

Push-ups are an excellent test of your physical fitness, as you utilize muscles in your back, shoulders, arms, and core. To perform the perfect push-up, you should be sure to lower yourself with your arms tucked close to your body before pushing yourself back up. This is a tough exercise, but anyone who is physically fit should be able to knock out at least some. Verywell has a chart showing the averages for both men and women of different ages. Though there’s a lot of variation, anyone younger than 50 should be able to do a minimum of five to 10 just to be considered in fair shape.

If you’re struggling to perform a couple of push-ups (and don’t worry, you’re not alone), then it’s perfectly fine to start with your knees on the ground.

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