These Signs Show You Clearly Have a Hormonal Imbalance

Natural hormonal changes can be difficult. There’s nothing wrong with an occasional flux, but a true imbalance has severe consequences, says Medical Daily. These are the more common symptoms of a hormone imbalance. One memory-related issue is actually quite treatable — but you need to recognize it (see page 10).

1. Weak nails

Cutting nails using nail clipper - close up

Weak nails could signal more than a nutrition problem. | MichalLudwiczak/iStock/Getty Images

Hormone issue: a cortisol imbalance

Adrenal glands secrete numerous hormones, and they can get fatigued just like you. Adrenal fatigue disrupts your cortisol rhythm, causing your glands to produce too much or not enough cortisol, according to Mind Body Green. Brittle nails that break easily are one signal that something’s off with your cortisol production.

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