7 Signs You Married the Wrong Person

It’s perfectly normal for married couples to fight and disagree. In fact, many experts believe that tension is good for a relationship. But what happens when a disagreement is a sign that two people shouldn’t be together? There are warning signs that don’t show up until couples are married that signal they’re in a union with the wrong person. Afraid this could be you? Here are seven signs you are married to the wrong person.

Do you constantly feel bad about yourself?

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Don’t fall for it. | iStock.com/Nastia11

One of the strongest warning signs that a relationship is no good is when your significant other makes you feel bad about yourself. “It’s normal to have insecurities,” Thought Catalog says. “But it’s unhealthy to torment yourself over it. It’s unhealthy to stay with someone that makes you feel like you’re a horrible person, like you have nothing to give.” If you feel this way with your spouse, it’s a sign you could be with the wrong person.

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Are your priorities not the same?

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When you’re young and in a relationship, your priorities and life goals might not factor too heavily into a relationship. But in adult relationships, especially marriages, having the same priorities as your significant other is crucial. If you and your spouse aren’t on the same page about finances, work goals, or long-term plans, it will put significant stress on your marriage.

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Were you just wedding-obsessed?

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It’s true — some people are so obsessed with the idea of having a wedding that they don’t put a premium on finding someone they truly connect with and love. As Jezebel points out, those who obsess over their wedding day before they even have a significant other feeds into the illusion that a wedding instantly results in a happily-ever-after. The result? Tying the knot with the wrong person.

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Are you too nostalgic?

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Some people call it a midlife crisis when an adult has the sudden urge to be young again. But this type of mentality can also happen if you’re married to the wrong person. Do you have a renewed interest in activities you engaged in before you knew your spouse? Do you have the urge to dress and act in a way that reminds you of yourself before you got hitched? This could be a red flag that your marriage is in trouble.

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Do you or your partner lie?

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There is perhaps nothing more detrimental to a relationship than lying. We aren’t talking about a little fib about whether you took out the garbage or ate all the leftovers. When it comes to big issues, such as money or fidelity, lying can destroy a marriage. If you or your spouse even feel the need to lie about a big issue, there’s a chance you shouldn’t be married.

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Is there nothing to talk about?

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You might look great together, but do you have anything to talk about? | iStock.com/amazingmikael

Sure, many couples gab each other’s ears off when they’re first together and then back off when they become more comfortable in the relationship. But if you and your spouse have nothing to talk about at all, it could actually be a big problem. Your Tango points out that some married couples get so comfortable that they stop being curious and asking each other questions. It’s a sign you might be with the wrong person.

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Do you feel less lonely when you’re by yourself?

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Being in a marriage to the wrong person might make you feel lonely. That being said, you might prefer to be by yourself than in the same room as someone you no longer want to be with. “When you are on your own, you accept being alone,” The Good Men Project summarizes. But being alone in a relationship causes “emotional starvation.” If your spouse has ever made you feel this way, they’re not the right spouse for you.

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