These Common Symptoms Are Actually a Sign of Serious Illness

It’s easy to disregard your body’s minor aches. We’ve all had a twinge of pain we’ve managed to get over, and a cold doesn’t usually warrant a doctor. This doesn’t mean you should overlook your symptoms, however. Many minor signs could actually signal a serious health issue. Do you frequently feel cold? One serious condition may be the culprit (on page 10).

1. Eye discomfort that won’t go away

Depressed businesswoman rubbing eyes in office

Is it hard to see? | MangoStar_Studio/iStock/Getty Images

Sign of: a detached or torn retina

You can recognize a condition like pink eye fairly easily, but pain that’s invisible to the naked eye is tougher to acknowledge. Don’t ignore specks or flashes of light in your eyes — it could be a sign of a detached or torn retina. When the light-sensitive layer of your eye tears or pulls away, you can go blind, according to the National Eye Institute. See an eye doctor ASAP.

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