4 Signs Your Ex Wants to Get Back Together

Breakups aren’t pleasant. Soon after you part ways, you’re flooded with all kinds of emotions. You’re angry about how things ended but you’re also sad when you think about what could have been. Depending on how the relationship concluded, you may start to consider the possibility of getting back together as your nights and days start to fill with memories. Each night, you find you’re dreaming about your ex. Each day your eyes start to play tricks on you; every person you pass on the street looks like him or her. But how can you tell that your ex is also ready to reconcile? Here are four signs your partner may want to get back together.

1. They tell you — when they’re sober

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The most obvious sign your ex wants to get back together is he or she tells you. However, pay attention to the circumstances surrounding this confession . Elly Klein, author of Men Are Like a Box of Chocolates, advises not believing an ex wants to reunite if he or she is mentally impaired in any way. “An ex needs to make it crystal clear he or she wants to get back together by telling you — and not when they’re drunk, lonely, or horny. Your ex should tell you when in his or her right mind, and without any uncertainty,” said Klein.

2. You get random calls, texts, and emails “just because”

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Is your ex contacting you randomly for no apparent reason? If you’re noticing your ex is starting to check up on you just to say hello or see how you are, this could be a sign your ex is pining for you. April Masini, relationship expert and founder of advice column Ask April, said it could be a sign if your ex reaches out without prompting. “They call you for no apparent reason. When an ex contacts you just to check in or just to say hello, they’re doing so because they miss you. This is a sign that the door is open for a reunion,” said Masini.

3. Your ex asks you to hang out

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Getting invitations to spend time together could be an indication your ex is interested in being more than just friends. Phillip Petree, author of The Man Puzzle told The Cheat Sheet when an ex offers you his time, he’s likely thinking about picking up where you left off. “The biggest signs from a man who wants to get back together are: staying in touch such as texting and calling; wanting or being willing to hang out, and planning activities together,” said Petree. 

4. Your conversations are similar to the way they were before the breakup

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Relationship and dating expert Carmel Jones, founder of sex and relationship site The Big Fling, said signs of wanting to get back together vary from one person to another, but there are some common indicators. According to Jones:

Couple reconciliation signs all involve comparing frequency and nature of communication before and after the breakup. Regardless of the length of the relationship, it’s usually an easy task for individuals to identify a period in their relationship when communication was at an apex. Suppose a couple re-establishes communication two weeks after breaking up. What is the nature of the conversation? How does it compare qualitatively to the type of conversations they had when the relationship was going well? This isn’t to say that the content of the conversations should be compared. Rather, pay attention to how these conversations make you feel. If post-breakup conversations are on that level, that is a sure sign that one of the two wants to get back together, or quite possibly both.

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