Signs You’re Just Not Meant to Get Married

Wondering whether you will get married? It’s a common question that most people ask themselves, whether they are single or already in a committed relationship. The truth is, though, that many individuals won’t ever tie the knot. It’s not because they are unlucky in love — they just have certain habits and tendencies that make marriage a bad option. Think you may be one of these people? Let’s take a quick look at nine signs you just aren’t meant to get married.

1. Monogamy freaks you out

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Make sure you’re OK with the idea of only kissing one person the rest of your life. | iStock/Getty Images

Yes, we know — there are couples out there in open relationships. But monogamy in a relationship isn’t just sexual — being emotionally monogamous is a key to a lasting trust-filled relationship. There are experts and private individuals alike, however, who believe that humans aren’t meant to be monogamous in any capacity. If you are from the belief that monogamy isn’t for you, then marriage probably isn’t for you either.

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2. Planning for the future stresses you out

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If even planning your next vacation stresses you out, that may be a bad sign. |

We aren’t just talking about planning a wedding. Marriage is about committing to many things in your future. This includes financial planning, vacation planning, and whether you want to expand your family. Of course, there are individuals that don’t even like talking about making plans, let alone actually putting them into action. If planning something just one month in advance freaks you out, you probably aren’t cut out for planning a married life.

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3. Compromise isn’t your strong suit

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What if you just can’t seem to find common ground? |

Every healthy relationship requires a little give and take. If you aren’t willing to compromise, you probably aren’t meant to be in a relationship — let alone get married. While you shouldn’t be a doormat for your partner to walk on, you should be able to find middle ground when you don’t agree on something. If you are too stubborn to find common ground with your partner — or anyone, for that matter — then you aren’t meant for the married life.

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4. Independence is essential

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If you feel like you need ample time alone, marriage may not be for you. | Monkeybusinessimages/iStock/Getty Images

Healthy couples are comfortable doing things independently of each other. (Running errands, going out with friends, etc.) That being said, you do many more things with your partner when you are married versus dating. And if you are too attached to your independent ways, then married life won’t be to your liking.

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5. Change terrifies you

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Getting married? Get ready for change. |

Even if you are already in a committed relationship, that relationship will change once you get married. From how often you and your partner have sex, to who you celebrate the holidays with. The changes that affect your relationship after marriage are almost completely unavoidable. And if you want things to stay exactly as they are, then tying the knot is not the best option for you.

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6. Divorce runs in the family

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If your parents have a negative view of marriage, you may too. | Spwidoff/iStock/Getty Images Plus

This one is pretty interesting. Being a child of divorce doesn’t mean you are automatically doomed to suffer the same fate. Coming from a divorced household can, however, make your view of “til death do us part” a bit more negative. Long story short: If you have a history of seeing marriages fail, you are more likely to be turned off by the idea for yourself.

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7. Weddings scare you

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Ready to run? | halfpoint/iStock/Getty Images

Let’s face it — if you don’t like other people’s weddings, you’re not going to enjoy your own either. Sure, there are couples out there that opt for a small civil service because they don’t want a big wedding. But in these situations, the concept of a wedding is still present. If the idea of a wedding, in general, makes you break out in hives, then you may not be meant to get married at all.

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8. You already feel married

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Is your life already packed with serious commitments? If you’re already feeling married to any number of things (career, personal goals, other relationships, etc.) now might not be the best time to worry about a regular marriage. It’s OK to focus on other things you truly value instead of a regular marriage. Just make sure you devote some serious thinking to your future so you do indeed know what you truly value in life and what makes you happy.

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9. Your partner doesn’t want to get married

Couple drinking coffee

Couple drinking coffee |

There are more important things in a healthy relationship than worrying about officially tying the knot. If the person you want to spend the rest of your life with feels strongly about not getting married, perhaps due to something on this list, then that could be a sign marriage isn’t in your future. Just make sure you two are on the same page, and avoid continuing on with the relationship thinking you will change their mind if marriage is really important to you.

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