10 Signs You’re Turning Into Your Mother

The moment you realize you’re turning into your — gasp — mother is enough to send anyone into a tailspin. Chances are, you’ve spent the majority of your life trying to prove you’re nothing like her. You’re far more laid back. Your ideas are progressive, and you have a better outlook on the world. But then, you realize you’re starting to remind yourself more and more of mommy dearest.

But it’s not necessarily a bad thing. After all, she is the person who raised the perfect version of the person you are today, right? And keep in mind, there are some qualities you may just be happy to inherit. Others, we can’t really guarantee. Either way, here are 10 signs you’re turning into your mother.

1. Your hair style is here to stay

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz in I Love Lucy

Your hair style isn’t going anywhere. | CBS

You’ve found your perfect hair style, and it’s not going anywhere. Well, at least not for you. Even if you’re not rocking your mother’s bouffant from the 1950s, your hair style says a lot about you. Not too surprisingly, a dated ‘do could give your age away. If you’re fully committed to a hair style that’s in now, don’t be surprised if it’s out later. And hey, if you want to keep that signature ‘do of yours until the end of time, more power to you.

2. You can’t stand how people dress

Young sexy woman wearing jeans

Do you think young women always dress inappropriately? | iStock.com/VitaliiSmulskyi

Kids these days — what are they thinking? There are just some articles of clothing no one should wear. Just as your mother strongly suggested you get rid of clothes that no longer suited you, so too do you wish you could tell the younger generation the same. Crop tops? Who needs them. Sweats? Save them for when you’re lounging on the couch at night. Your wardrobe has become more sophisticated, which is undoubtedly a good thing.

3. You get frustrated with technology

Teenager girl with remote control laying down

Some people prefer to stick with a system that doesn’t connect to the internet. | iStock.com/manaemedia

Even if you grew up during the original dot-com era, the technology game keeps evolving. You have the whole email thing down, and can even navigate your way through Amazon’s online ordering process. Unfortunately for you, there’s a whole lot more to the cyberspace world, and you try to avoid it all costs.

You used to roll your eyes when your mother would ask for help on the computer, but now, you’re the one turning to a younger generation of tech savvy pros. Heck, there are even specific apps geared towards kids. You’ve heard of Tinder, but aren’t quite sure about it all. And just like your mother, you’re frazzled by social media and apps galore.

4. You’re not a believer in online dating

Couple dating and flirting

You’d rather meet someone the old-fashioned way. | iStock.com/AntonioGuillem

You may have heard of Tinder, but you just can’t grasp the concept of choosing your life partner based on swiping. In your mother’s day, meeting your significant other online wasn’t an option. In your day, it’s very much a possibility.

However, whether you’re jaded or have been burned in the past, you don’t subscribe to the idea of online dating. After all, it doesn’t actually improve the dating game. Whatever happened to meeting someone at a coffee shop? Or being set up through mutual friends? You’re happy for your friends who’ve met people online, but it’s just not for you.

5. You hate wasting things

leftovers in fridge

No food goes in the trash at your house. | iStock.com

You’d rather finish the food on your kid’s plate than throw it in the trash. Who cares if you’re already full? That mac and cheese isn’t going to waste on your watch. As one reader told The Huffington Post, her inability to let things go to waste was a surefire sign she was turning into her mother. And good for you, this is probably a decent habit to get into. Your dinner parties have become perfectly rationed, and you’ve gotten your food planning skills down to a science.

6. You stand up for what you believe in, and are stubborn about it

Happy confident young woman

You know what you believe in, and you’re willing to stand up for it. | iStock.com/UberImages

Your mother’s relentless passion for political issues, religious beliefs, and general matters of the universe always drove you crazy. She was too hard-headed to ever see anyone else’s point. Well, at least that’s what you used to think.

But things have changed since then, and you too are developing a similar M.O. According to Elite Daily, standing up for things and being stubborn about it, is a definite sign you’re turning into your mother. And this means there’s just one warning for your adversaries: beware.

7. You’ve become a coupon queen

Woman In Grocery Aisle Of Supermarket

You cut coupons like it’s your job. | iStock.com/Cathy Yeulet

You used to avoid coupons like the plague. Collecting them was time consuming, and presenting them at the checkout didn’t seem like it made that much of a difference. But now, you’ve turned a new leaf. Your seasoned self now knows the value of a hard-earned dollar, and you’re going to take advantage of every coupon you can get your hands on. And as PopSugar says, your love for coupons probably goes beyond just using them — you even love organizing them, too!

8. Your purse is overly stuffed

diaper bag stuffed with supplies to take care of a baby

You never leave home without every supply you could possibly need. | iStock.com

There’s never quite enough room in your purse for all your nonessentials and essentials alike. Your bag’s filled to the brim, and you have zero motivation to mitigate the situation. After all, you never know when you’ll need to bust out that travel-size sewing kit to fix someone’s uneven hemline. BuzzFeed goes so far as to say it looks like an entire pharmacy is stored in your bag. And who could blame you? It’s better to be prepared.

9. You’re a meal-planning maven

Woman with Shopping List

You’ve got grocery shopping down to a science. | iStock.com/Cathy Yeulet

Gone are the days of grabbing takeout on your way home from work. You no longer sit around racking your brain as your stomach incessantly growls. Nope, not you. Like your mother, you rely on your skills to plan, prepare, and freeze meals for the entire week. (No one’s going hungry on your watch.) And according to Parents, you’re likely a real crockpot enthusiast, too. From hosting potlucks to cooking any recipe in a slow cooker, you can do it all.

10. You use old wives’ tales to prove your point

mother helping child in blowing her nose

Catch a cold, and blame it on going outside with a wet head. | iStock.com

You know they’re not actually true, but they get the job done when you need to convince your kids, or anyone else, to do something. Of course, you know they should be wearing a coat when it’s nippy out, but your opinion means nothing to them.

There’s only one thing to do when you really want your kid to listen. Turn to an innocent old wives’ tale to drive your point home. One reader admitted to Good Housekeeping, “I tell my girls to not go outside with wet hair, even though science proved that’s not how you catch a cold.” No harm, no foul, right Mom?