15 Simple Things That Become More Dangerous Over the Age of 65

Growing old is the worst. More and more, seniors are opting to live alone rather than live with their family or at a nursing home. Because of that, seniors citizens are faced with the fact that normal things aren’t so easy anymore. These simple things that were once normal become more dangerous over the age of 65. No. 12 is almost unconscionable, but it happens to senior citizens way too often.

1. Driving your car and getting around

old man driving

Driving just gets harder as you get older. | AnnBaldwin/iStock/Getty Images

It is likely that you have been driving a car or providing your own modes of transportation since you were a teen. But as we get older, our abilities to operate various modes of transportation begin to decline with our physical and mental health.

Even public transportation can be difficult as we get older. The systems that are set up in some cities can be really confusing. Seniors getting lost on public transportation is more common than you would think.

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2. Tripping over things

Patient lying on bed

A nasty fall can land you in the hospital. | Ridofranz/iStock/Getty Images

We bet that you would never have to think twice about whether or not your carpet could harm you, but it can. Seniors can sometimes trip over a loose fold in an area rug or a loose spot in the carpeting. Falls for senior citizens are incredibly dangerous and are often a primary source of injury.

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3. Being able to deal with the summer heat

Young woman with heatstroke on a beach

Heatstroke is a real danger in the summertime. | iStock.com/Halfpoint

Your entire life you are groomed to look forward to the summer. Summertime has always been the time to take a vacation or relax by a pool. Unfortunately, as we age, heat becomes a big enemy.

Senior citizens are at the highest risk of suffering from heat stroke and dehydration. This stems from the fact that they may be on certain medications or have certain illnesses. There is also the fact that they can’t stand the heat like they used too.

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4. Dealing with family members

Older sad

Elder abuse is a very real problem. | Dmitry Berkut/iStock/Getty Images

According to AARP, “nearly 10 million adults age 65 and older receive care at home or in residential care settings other than nursing homes.” Unfortunately, the industry is incredibly under-regulated. Estimates suggest that only one in 14 domestic elder abuse incidents are reported to the authorities.

Ruthann Jacox, a Tucson, Arizona resident was horribly abused by her in-home caregiver. The person rationed her food and water so that she wouldn’t have to take her to the bathroom as often. Luckily, that person was sentenced to two years in prison, but it doesn’t always end like that.

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5. Taking a shower

Shower Curtain

Falls become a real danger in the shower. | Taweesak11/iStock/Getty Images

The shower is one of the oldest cliches of danger for senior citizens, but the danger is very real. According to the Home Safety Council, nearly 6,000 lives each year are claimed from falls. Installing grab bars or rails in the bathtub and showers greatly reduces the risk.

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6. Keeping in touch with people

Senior women in hospice care

Lonleiness is dangerous for older people. | Katarzyna Bialasiewicz/iStock/Getty Images

Loneliness is one of the greatest risks to senior citizens. That’s mainly because it can actually cause or contribute to worsening health issues. Alzheimer’s disease, for example, thrives on people’s loneliness because social activity can actually help keep it at bay.

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7. Staying on top of everyday illnesses

man coughing as he stands outside

The older you get, the easier it is to get sick. | Source: iStock

From the common cold to the flu, these regular seasonal ailments become life-threatening once we get over the age of 65. That is because these common bugs can cause so many other dangerous complications like pneumonia, dehydration, or organ failure. Tens of thousands of people can die each year because of the common flu and seniors at a great risk than others.

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8. Making sure your medications are taken properly

Medications on shelves of medicine cabinet

It’s important to take the recommended dosage of medication. | smartstock/iStock/Getty Images

Medications have helped increase the longevity of humans, but at the same time, they have put them at risk. The average elderly person is taking five medications per day and as much as seven per day in nursing homes. This increases the risk of getting medications mixed up, adverse drug-drug interactions, and overdoses.

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9. Getting the attention you deserve

Bored senior man watching tv

You might not know what to do with your time. | littlebee80/iStock/GettyImages

Senior neglect is a serious problem. Around half a million seniors experience some form of neglect every year.  Most often it is a person that is related to the person that neglects them. Someone like a spouse or child. Caretakers are risky as well because their job can sometimes be very stressful due to the lack of resources.

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10. Managing your money

Senior couple

It’s important to have a set budget. | Rawpixel Ltd/iStock/Getty Images

Managing your investments is very hard. It gets even harder to manage your expenses when those investments start to dry up. Now that humans are living longer, the risk of becoming financially unstable in your senior years is increasing.

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11. Eating healthy

Seniors Enjoying Outdoor Dinner Party

Eating health only gets more important with age. | monkeybusinessimages/iStock/Getty Images

The most important part of a healthy life is your diet. Unfortunately, as mobility decreases and prices on groceries goes up, seniors are forced to buy underperforming foods. Things like fresh produce, meat from the butcher, and fruits, have been replaced with microwaved dinners and fast food.

Senior citizens have a higher rate of malnutrition than the rest of the population. Having a poor diet can lead to a myriad of problems in your younger years, let alone your senior years.

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12. Spotting a con-man

Senior women with her discount card

There are plenty of scams out there that target older people. | AndreyPopov/Getty Images

Senior citizens are more vulnerable to scams than the rest of the population. That’s because seniors can have difficulty knowing how to spot someone conning them. It can be a stranger or a caretaker, even a relative. When a senior citizen is the target of a scam, they likely won’t notice until it’s too late. Worse, they may not have enough time to recoup their losses. They are considered a low-risk target by criminals for this reason.

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13. Protecting yourself from depression

Wife Comforting Senior Husband

Aging can be a lonely process. | Monkeybusinessimages/iStock/Getty Images

Being lonely while your a senior is very dangerous as we spoke about before. But depression is the riskiest aspect when you don’t have anyone to interact with. Seniors who live alone develop depression at a far greater rate than others.

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14. Getting help when you’re alone

Millennial teaches senior baby boomer technology

It’s more important to ask for help than be prideful. | franz12/iStock/Getty Images

When seniors are living alone, are neglected, or have lost their loved one, it can be really hard for them to get help when they need it. So if a senior citizen falls in the tub, or trips over a rug and can’t get up, no one will be able to help them. It’s best to have someone to care for you most of the time.

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15. Preventing age-related diseases

Seniors playing puzzle

Being physically and mentally active is very important. | Imageegaml/iStock/Getty Images

Senior citizens are at an extreme risk for developing some form of dementia like Alzheimer’s disease. That is because senior are often isolated or lonely in their lives. Getting out, being social, exercising and eating right are proven ways to reduce that risk.

Don’t let any of these dangers take you down and make sure you protect yourself in all the ways you can.

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