You’ll Never Believe How Many Stars of ‘Teen Mom’ Have Been Arrested

We’ve seen them go from struggling young teens in 16 and Pregnant to adults set on getting their life together in Teen Mom. And while their journeys haven’t always been easy, there’s no doubt the cast of this MTV series wants the best for their children. Even so, we’re well-aware the stars of the show — and their significant others — have had some bumps along the way.

Here, we revisit the arrests that made news headlines everywhere. Here are all the Teen Mom cast members who’ve all been in deep trouble with the law over the years.

1. Jenelle Evans’ ex ran a meth lab

Jenelle Evans sitting on a couch during an MTV interview.

Jenelle Evan’s boyfriends often get into trouble with the law. | MTV

We know Jenelle Evans for all of her drama on Teen Mom 2, and over the years, she’s also picked quite a few questionable partners. We remember one man she dated, Kieffer Delp, early on in Jenelle’s MTV career. And while the two got in plenty of trouble together, Kieffer more recently was busted for running a meth lab in his Pennsylvania apartment, New York Daily News reports.

He was arrested in January 2018 for possession of drug paraphernalia and possession with intent to manufacture as well. And this all came after a girlfriend of Kieffer’s gave police a tip.

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2. And a few of Jenelle’s other exes also saw jail time

Kieffer and Jenelle sit in a car.

Kieffer may not have been the best boyfriend, but neither Jenelle’s other suitors. | MTV

Kieffer’s the only one of Jenelle’s exes allegedly operating a meth lab, but he’s far from the only one who’s been in trouble with the law. Us Weekly reports ex-fiancé Nathan Griffith was arrested in February 2018 for striking fixtures while driving and not reporting the collisions.

And that’s not all. In Touch Weekly reports Jenelle’s ex-husband, Courtland Rogers, was arrested once for possessing a controlled substance, and again for violating probation. Even worse, Jenelle’s ex-fiancé Gary Head was charged with assaulting her, Us Weekly says.

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3. Amber Portwood was arrested for domestic violence and drug possession

Amber Portwood posing on the red carpet.

Amber Portwood is another Teen Mom alumn who landed in how water with the law. | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

We’ve watched Amber Portwood for years, and she finally seems like she’s in a good place. But that wasn’t always the case. We recall her first arrest in 2010, when she was hit with domestic violence charges against ex-boyfriend Gary, New York Daily News reports. Following this instance, in 2011, Amber was arrested on drug possession charges.

She completed a year and a half in prison and got out several years early for good behavior. And she’s stayed clean and sober since.

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4. Farrah Abraham was taken in for a DUI

Farrah Abraham posing on a red carpet.

Farrah Abraham is no stranger to the police station. | Jean Baptiste Lacroix

If there’s one Teen Mom who’s known for causing drama, it’s Farrah Abraham. And though the star was recently fired from the show, we can’t forget her arrest that happened back in 2013. Us Weekly reports the star was pulled over for swerving. And when she was arrested and placed into the police car, the report said she was “banging her head against the window while yelling and screaming.”

It was also reportedly difficult to get Farrah to take a breathalyzer test — and when she did, she blew nearly twice the legal limit.

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5. Chelsea Houska’s ex was charged with four counts of domestic assault

Chelsea smiling brightly.

Chelsea’s boyfriend was charged with domestic assault. | Chelsea Houska via Instagram

She’s currently pregnant with baby No. 3, but her pregnancies aren’t the only news Chelsea Houska’s known for. In November 2017, Radar Online reports her daughter’s father, Adam Lind, was charged with four counts of domestic assault. According to court papers, Adam attempted to cause bodily harm, did cause bodily injury in two other instances, and physically threatened another.

It doesn’t end there, either. Adam was arrested again after violating a no-contact order with an ex.

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6. Jenelle herself was taken in by the law more times than we can keep track of

Jenelle Evans' mug shot.

She’s gotten into trouble on her own. | Brunswick County Sheriff’s Department via Getty Images

It’s tough to keep track of just how many times Jenelle’s been arrested during her time on Teen Mom 2. In Touch Weekly reports she was taken in the first time in 2011 for breaking and entering as well as drug possession. That same year, she was charged with assault for attacking a girl her boyfriend was allegedly hitting on.

That wasn’t the only brawl Jenelle was involved in, either. In 2012, she reportedly was arrested for making harassing phone calls to her friend and former roommate. Outstanding warrants, disturbing the peace, and violating probation are also on her rap sheet.

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7. Amber Portwood’s ex, Gary, drove with a suspended license

Amber Portwood's boyfriend on a red carpet.

Amber Portwood’s boyfriend Gary was also arrested. | Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

We mostly remember Gary as Amber’s ex that she frequently fought with on the first few seasons of Teen Mom. But Us Weekly reminds us he was also arrested for driving with a suspended license.

The publication explains Gary and Amber were driving when a police officer noticed the two were fighting in the car. The officer approached the couple and made sure they were OK — and then asked for Gary’s license. Here, he noticed the suspension.

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