Substance Abuse? The Signs That Someone Is an Addict

Substance abuse is nothing to take lightly, and if you’ve ever had an addict in your life, you know just how challenging it can be. The struggles of sobriety are met with the demands of everyday life, and overcoming temptation can be a daunting task. Although some argue in favor of a few booze-drinking health benefits, most people know these benefits can quickly diminish when someone overdoes it. While there are certain precursors that may put someone at risk for addiction, such as family history or social environment, it can affect anyone.

According to the National Council on Alcohol and Drug Dependence, Inc., here are seven signs you should look out for that show someone is an addict.

1. Loss of control

man looking sad

Lack of interest and loss of control may be signs someone is an addict. |

Going out and enjoying a few cocktails is one thing, but drinking more than a person intended to, for longer than he or she intended to, is a red flag. If someone is partying so hard with drugs or alcohol that becoming belligerent is common practice, there’s a problem.

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