Here Are All the Ways Sugar Is Actually Killing You

Is it nearly impossible to resist devouring a cupcake or doughnut? You’re not alone. Many people take an all-or-nothing approach to junk food. But you don’t have to stop eating sugar completely; just eat less — it can improve or even save your life.

Found in nearly all processed junk food, refined sugars are more harmful than most realize. Here’s how too much sugar could put your health at risk. One organ in particular is deeply affected by the sugar you consume (on page 9).

1. You can develop arthritis

Man with painful and inflamed gout

Everyday tasks become much harder with arthritic joints. |

If you suffer from painful, achy joints, you know inflammation is a major contributor. Unfortunately sugar secretes inflammatory proteins and hormones, which generate chronic inflammation. The toxins in sugar can even change your cartilage, making it more vulnerable to damage.

Even if your joint pain results from trauma, consuming sugar can hinder the healing process and make the pain worse. Cut back on processed foods and you’ll likely feel the difference.

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