Surprising Ways Your Body Changes After 50

You eat healthily and get in some daily exercise — and yet, you notice your body continues to change as you age despite your best efforts. It’s not all bad, though. Many claim all their years after 50 are their happiest yet, even with a few extra pains or pounds accumulating around their midsection. And though you know your body will alter year after year, you probably aren’t aware of all the different changes you should be anticipating.

From how your food tastes to how well your eyes and ears are working, here are the surprising ways you can expect your body to change after 50 (including No. 9, the most bizarre change of all.)

1. You’ll crave foods you’ve never craved before

Senior man eating vegetables on a patio

Senior man eating vegetables on a patio | Robert Daly/Getty Images

If you’ve always craved chocolate but suddenly you’re craving pickles post-50, it’s actually not that strange. Purple Clover reports changing hormones can change your taste preferences as you age. And many cravings can actually be explained, too. If you’re craving sugary foods, it could have to do with a drop in the brain chemical serotonin, for example.

If you’re suddenly reaching for more junk food than usual, make sure to monitor your calorie intake here. Otherwise, you could gain a few pounds thanks to your hormonal shifts.

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