Surprising Ways Your Family is Making You Sick

Reunion barbeques. Holiday dinners. There’s a multitude of reasons to gather with your family members. But getting together with your kin isn’t always the healthiest activity. In fact, it’s possible for even the most fun family get-together to leave you sick in bed. How could this be? We take a look at 15 surprising ways your family is making you sick.

They can make you dehydrated

Drinking water

Drinking water | seb_ra/iStock/Getty Images

When we’re with close family members, particularly ones we don’t see very often, it becomes more tempting to break out the cocktail cart. Big family gatherings can be even worse, as chit-chat and inadvertent guzzling of alcohol causes dehydration. Make sure to always have water on hand — yes, even when there are bottomless mimosas at the family brunch.

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