Sweat Your Way to Sculpted Abs With This 10-Minute, No Equipment Core Workout

energetic woman doing abdominal exercise

Energetic woman doing abdominal exercise | iStock.com/jacoblund

If the eyes are the window to the soul, then your abs are the window to your health. Your core says more than you know about your diet, exercise, and your overall wellbeing.

Yet sometimes working out just seems far too time-consuming. Where do you start, where do you go, and when do you fit a comprehensive exercise into your day amidst work, family, and hobbies? This quick, 10-minute ab exercise targets all sections of your core and burns off belly fat.

What’s the key to a good ab workout?

The best way to lose the fat over your ab muscles includes a consistent combination of varying intensities of cardio and strength training. Ab workouts don’t need to be long if they’re quick, to the point, and include the right combination of core-strengthening exercises. The following exercises aren’t extremely difficult, however, by engaging in each for nearly one minute you’ll build endurance. This will help you build ab muscle as well as increase your strength over time.

The ab exercise that follows is most effective if done in combination with moderate to vigorous cardio (like running, swimming, or cycling) three to four times per week. Finally, most of the exercises engage more than just your core. Be conscious of the fact you’re working your thighs, chest, shoulders, and quads among other muscle groups and be sure to end your exercise with a thorough stretch.

Fitness Blender’s 10-minute ab workout

Each of the following ten exercises engages the core in a different way. Some target your abs, others your obliques, and a few your lower back (often the most neglected core area). Do each exercise for 50 seconds followed by a 10-second rest before moving onto the next.

  • Bicycle Crunch Leg Drops
  • Plank Tucks + Downward Dog Walk
  • Back Bow Toe Touches
  • Leg Pedals, alternating directions
  • Upward Facing Plank + Leg Lifts
  • 2 Oblique Crunches + Bridge (keep your arms up to further engage the core)
  • Single Leg Drops
  • Circle Crunches, alternating
  • Bicycle Crunches
  • Mini Scissors