These Are the Sweetest ‘Brotherly’ Moments Between Prince Harry and Prince William at the Royal Wedding

The royal wedding might have been about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s adorable relationship, but another relationship shined that day, too: Harry’s brotherly bond with Prince William. These are the best moments shared between the two from the big day.

Harry and William had one last brotherly sleepover the night before the wedding

Prince Harry and Prince William walking together in their matching uniforms.

Prince Harry and Prince William are so close. | Jane Barlow – WPA Pool/Getty Images

In traditional royal fashion, Harry and Meghan were apart the night before the wedding. Harry and William stayed together at the Dorchester Collection’s Coworth Park, a hotel highly regarded by the royal family. It gave them some time to hang out as brothers before Meghan officially became a royal. Meghan and her mother, Doria Ragland, stayed at a separate hotel a few miles from Windsor Castle.

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They walked into Windsor Castle together, smiling and waving

Prince Harry and Prince William walking in their matching uniforms.

They were at ease in front of all the cameras and well-wishes. | Ben Cawthra – WPA Pool/Getty Images

On the morning of the wedding, the brothers arrived together, unaccompanied by any other family members. They greeted the many onlookers on their way in, and they were all smiles while chit chatting with one another. It was clear Harry was a bit nervous, but William was there to calm him. The brothers walked all the way into the chapel together and smiled at close family and friends as they made their way up to the altar.

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They wore matching Blues and Royals uniforms

Prince Harry stands at the altar next to Prince William.

They were perfectly dressed for the occasion. | Owen Humphreys/WPA Pool/Getty Images

Not only did the brothers arrive together, but they arrived wearing matching military uniforms. The Blues and Royals frock coat was a nod to the 10 years Harry served in the British military. The dress code requirement for male invitees was military attire (morning coats for those that were not in the military). When William married Kate in 2011, he chose to wear his Irish Guards uniform, so he and Harry did not match. Harry wore his Blues and Royals uniform to William’s wedding, too.

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They broke the typical ‘best man’ protocol

Prince William looking at Prince Harry as they sit in the church.

The ‘Best Man’ tradition isn’t always followed in every British wedding. | Dominic Lipinski – WPA Pool/Getty Images

In the United Kingdom, there usually is no best man role in the wedding. But Harry and William broke that tradition to ensure the other was by their side on their wedding days. In 2011, William named Harry his best man when he married Kate Middleton. And Harry returned the favor, giving William the nontraditional best man role. William was the first of the royals to actually have a best man; the others only had “supporters.” And Kensington Palace announced back in April that William would play the same role on Harry’s big day.

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They were seen laughing together before the ceremony

Prince Harry and Prince William laughing together.

Prince Williams helped Prince Harry feel comfortable. |  Owen Humphreys/AFP/Getty Images


The brothers shared a laughable moment together just before the ceremony started. William was likely trying to calm Harry’s nerves, and the two have been known to crack jokes about one another every once in a while. And while Harry’s nerves were definitely present (as they should have been), the brothers were mostly all smiles before and during the ceremony. Plus, William’s best man speech supposedly was just as clever and well-received as Harry’s was for him in 2011.

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On the most important day of Harry’s life, their mother was on both their minds

Princess Diana, Prince Harry, and Prince William standing together.

Princess Diana was not forgotten. | Johnny Eggitt/AFP/Getty Images

According to professional lip readers, Harry and William did not forget about their mother on this important day. “Do you remember when Mum used to say …” could be seen coming from Harry’s lips. To which William cut in and said, “Yeah … I know.” The brothers both smiled during that conversation, remembering some of the best moments of their mother. Meghan also wore an aqua ring that belonged to Diana.

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William gave Harry a look of approval as Harry and Meghan said ‘I do’

Prince Harry holding Meghan Markle's hand.

Prince Harry had everything he needed on his special day. | Owen Humphreys – WPA Pool/Getty Images

In older brother fashion, William appeared to give a seal of approval to the newest royal couple as Harry and Meghan said their vows. When Harry and Meghan were looking into one another’s eyes during the ceremony, William gave them a “look of love” as Mirror reported, which proved that he was an extremely proud big brother; William was so excited to see his brother finally happy.

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