How Take Your Dog to Work Day Can Benefit Your Mental Health

Ever wonder what your dog is doing all day while you’re at work? On take your dog to work day, you don’t have to. Today, companies across the country are celebrating the 20th anniversary of take your dog to work day by allowing employees to bring their fur babies to the office.

Contrary to what you might think, take your dog to work day didn’t start as a way to shed light on the benefits of a dog-friendly office. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Pet Sitters International started the event as a way to raise awareness on dog adoption and pay homage to the excellent companions dogs make.


Take your dog to work day

Bringing your dog to work can benefit mental health in big ways. | LightFieldStudios/iStock/Getty Images

Speaking of companionship: There are many mental health benefits of owning a dog — some of which can also improve your work life. Curious to know more? We share the mental health benefits of bringing your dog to work, ahead.

Dogs reduce stress

It’s no secret that office life can come with a great deal of stress. Fortunately, dogs are here to help you cope. Some studies show that owning a dog — or, at least surrounding yourselves with one — can boost serotonin and dopamine, which help to calm the mind in stressful situations. So, take your dog to work day can help you (and your coworkers) stabilize your stress levels.

Dogs can help ease anxious feelings

In a similar light, dogs can help manage anxious feelings in stressful situations. If you’re having a chaotic day, take a five-minute break to enjoy your dog’s company. Petting your dog can help you forget about the stress for a moment and, as a result, ease anxieties.

Dogs force you to take breaks

Just because your dog is at work, doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten about their routine. Bringing your dog to work helps you become more mindful of your break schedule. If you’re someone who has a hard time pulling themselves away from work, having your dog with you can help remind you to take a breather, drink some water, and get some fresh air — aka, let the dog out.

The benefits of dog-friendly offices

Bringing your dog to work can help you remember to take breaks | Millann/iStock/Getty Images

Dogs keep you active

In addition to taking a break from work, being active during the workday is also vital for mental health. On top of that, studies show that sitting all day can be bad for your physical health. Dogs can be a great reminder to get up and move your body. Taking your dog for a walk on your lunch break can help give you a mental break, boost endorphins — aka, the happy hormone — and more.

Dogs help you make friends

If you’re having a hard time bonding with co-workers, take your dog to work day could help. Dogs make for a great ice-breaker and can help you create genuine relationships with your co-workers. Like dogs, humans seek companionship, so having someone you can rely on at work can leave a lasting effect on your mental health. On top of that, work is more enjoyable when you like the people you work with.

Take your dog to work day can also benefit your dog’s mental health

You’re not the only one who can benefit from bringing your dog to the office — your dog can, too. Bringing them on your commute and allowing them to have social interactions in the office can help them better develop confidence in public settings. Social interactions are a great mental exercise for dogs and are just as important (if not, more) as physical activities.

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