‘Teen Mom’ Star Maci Finally Made This Move to Protect Her Family (Plus, the Scary Threats From Her Ex)

We’ve loved Maci Bookout since her first days on 16 and Pregnant. She seemed like one of the most put-together and responsible young mothers on the show, and she’s proved again and again that she can handle anything. And even when times became rough with Ryan Edwards, the father of her first son, she handled the situation with grace.

It seems Maci has finally had to take legal action against Ryan, however. Find out how he threatened her (page 5) and the move she just made to combat the attacks (page 6).

1. Maci calls her relationship with Ryan her ‘most toxic’

Maci Bookout

Maci Bookout | John Phillips/Getty Images

From the very beginning, very few MTV viewers figured Maci and Ryan would end up together forever. And Maci herself recalls in her book, I Wasn’t Born Bulletproof, that her separation from Ryan was her “most painful breakup,” Us Weekly reports.

Regarding their relationship while she was pregnant with their son, Bentley, Maci wrote, “I convinced myself that I needed to make it work and ignored a lot of red flags. … When it finally ended it was painful, but I also felt a sense of relief that the relationship was over.”

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2. All eyes were on Ryan when he nodded off in the car

Ryan Edwards on Teen Mom

Ryan Edwards on Teen Mom | MTV

Maci went on to have two more children with her husband, Taylor McKinney. But it seems things really fell apart for Ryan, despite the fact that he was also getting married.

Heavy reminds us of this horrifying moment on Teen Mom OG when Ryan was driving to his wedding with his soon-to-be wife, Mackenzie. While he was operating the car, he was clearly nodding off — and it wasn’t just because he was tired. He was visibly high on drugs, and Mackenzie then had to take the wheel. And this wasn’t the first — nor the last — time viewers and family members expressed their concern over his condition.

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3. His heroin usage has scared Maci for a long time

His drug habits are out of control. | YouTube

The car situation was one of the more obvious examples of heroin usage, but Heavy reports Maci had concerns about Ryan long before then. On a Teen Mom, she voiced her concern that Ryan’s family wasn’t doing anything to help his addiction issue. And when she appeared on a Teen Mom 2 finale, she mentioned that her concerns have put her on the outs with his family, as they aren’t receptive to her criticism.

It seemed like things were slated to get better for Ryan following the car footage, however, as he checked himself into rehab. But it doesn’t end there.

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4. Maci’s husband, Taylor, recalls a disturbing altercation he had with Ryan

Teen Mom

He says Ryan threatened his family. | MTV

Us Weekly reveals Taylor, Maci’s husband, gave details regarding one shocking run-in he had with Ryan in the past. Taylor said Ryan called him on March 20, 2018, and “threatened to show up and put a bullet in my head.”

It didn’t end there, either. Taylor said Ryan went on to threaten that he would “show up at our son’s baseball game and confront us (my wife and I).”

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5. Maci says she fears for the safety of her children due to these threats

Ryan Edwards and Bentley

Ryan Edwards and son Bentley | MTV

Ryan’s threats didn’t stop at Maci’s husband, of course. The Teen Mom star herself claimed in court documents that Ryan “left voicemail messages threatening to show up at my house and take my son,” E! News reports. She also said Ryan would threaten to hurt her if she didn’t answer the phone when he called.

Other disturbing allegations against Ryan include that he would show up to his son’s baseball games high on heroin. He would also allegedly get in Maci’s face and yell at her.

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6. She just got a restraining order against him

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They got a restraining order against him. | Getty Images

It seems the court documents Maci and Taylor put forth have put them in a safer situation overall. Page Six reports the couple was granted an order of protection lasting two years against Ryan. As Ryan’s attorney said, “We did agree to a restraining order where Ryan will not go within 100 feet of Maci and her current husband and their two children.”

Ultimately, Ryan agreed to this outcome as well. They didn’t have to go through a formal trial to make it all happen, as he didn’t want to cause any more issues for himself or his son.

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7. Ryan will still be able to see his son

A lawyer questioning a suspect

The court battles may not be over yet. | Image Source/iStock/Getty Images

Maci has expressed concern over Ryan being around Bentley. Page Six explains she said she fears “for my son’s safety because of these threats and proof that he drives while under the influence.” Considering this, we assumed Maci would limit Ryan’s time with her son, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Ryan’s lawyer said he’s still “able to see his son under the new restraining order.” He also says this protects Ryan against any “false allegations” that may be made against him “and allows him to be around his son, most importantly.”

Next: We’re hoping everything’s a bit more peaceful going forward. 

8. What’s next for these Teen Mom stars?

Teen mom reunion

What comes next for these Teen Mom stars? | Teen Mom via Facebook

We expect Maci to continue to thrive in her marriage and her business ventures. As for Ryan, we’re hoping for the best. But we’re also concerned about what the future may hold for him and Mackenzie. She’s pregnant with their first child together, but we remember when he told her he wanted to separate as soon as she received the pregnancy news. Not only that, but he was arrested in March for violating his probation related to heroin possession, Us Weekly reports.

Let’s all pray things work out for the best.

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