‘Teen Mom’ Stars Are Roasting Jenelle Evans’ Husband After He Said This 1 Thing

Through her years on 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom 2, we’ve seen Jenelle Evans’ tumultuous fights with her mother, partying ways, and horrible past relationships. And when Jenelle finally seemed to find a decent man to settle down with, many viewers wondered if this was the marriage that was actually going to last.

Unfortunately, her husband, David Eason, certainly isn’t the gentleman we hoped he’d be. In fact, MTV fired him for some comments he made online. Now he’s facing public backlash from both viewers and co-stars alike.

1. Jenelle’s relationships have all been questionable, and this one’s no different

Jenelle kissing David Eason on a red carpet.

Some have doubts about their relationship. | Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

He seemed like the best one Jenelle’s picked yet, but David has set off plenty of red flags. In December 2017, the couple had an intense fight, resulting in the two removing their “married” Facebook relationship statuses, In Touch Weekly reports.

The fight broke out after David’s jealousy took over when Jenelle said nice things about her exes on the air. A source close to the couple also says Jenelle’s loved ones are worried because of his domineering personality and isolating ways.

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2. We’ll never forget the time David brought a knife on set

David Eason on a red carpet.

Is he prone to dangerous outbursts? | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Some of David’s Teen Mom co-stars think he should have been fired back in 2017. According to Jenelle, drama erupted when David was denied more alcohol during the Teen Mom 2 end-of-the-year special, Us Weekly reports. She claims her husband was angered and then simply popped some balloons on the way out.

Co-star Kailyn Lowry has a different take, however. She says David pulled out a knife when he was upset, which worried everyone, and that’s what he used to pop the balloons. He “should have been fired for bringing a knife to set,” she commented.

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3. David’s gotten into fights with Twitter users, too

David Eason on a red carpet.

He gotten into trouble on social media. | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

It seems David and Jenelle’s lax views on gun control have really ruffled some feathers. On Feb. 18, just days after the Parkland shooting, David took to Twitter to argue with users on gun control.

According to In Touch Weekly, he said we should be protecting our children with guns, and he then posted a link about concealed carry gun laws for schools in South Carolina. When one user said we need to better educate our children instead of freely providing more guns, David said, “LMAO, why don’t you go tell the homo and transgender parents to start teaching their kids better morals.”

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4. He said this 1 absolutely unforgivable thing that got him fired

David Eason with his two children.

This time, he really got in trouble with the network. | David Eason via Instagram

The first homophobic comment David uttered on Twitter unfortunately was not his last. People reports the Twitter conversation regarding gun violence carried on, with one user asking David if he was planning on teaching his children to “hate gay and transgender people.” To this, David allegedly replied, “I’m going to teach them not to associate with them or be that way.” He also apparently said, “If you lay down with dogs you get up with fleas.”

David deactivated his account following the online feud, but the damage was done.

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5. Leah Messer and Kailyn Lowry say they’re disgusted by David’s comments

Kailyn Lowry looking sad on Teen Mom 2.

Kailyn Lowry has spoken her mind about his behavior.  | MTV

It seems no one on the show is mourning the loss of David Eason. Co-star Leah Messer told People that she’s “disgusted” by what David said and completely supports MTV’s firing. “This ignorance cannot be tolerated and I refuse to be associated with hatred of any kind,” she added.

Kailyn Lowry feuded with Jenelle in the past, and she’s also glad MTV took the necessary steps to get rid of him, Us Weekly reports.

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6. Farrah Abraham had surprisingly sensible things to say

Farrah Abraham with Amber and Kailyn.

Here’s what Farrah had to say. | Michael Buckner/Getty Images

Farrah isn’t always known for her sensibility, but this time, we can’t help but agree with what she had to say. Us Weekly reports Farrah hopes David can better himself following his firing. And she’s reportedly also pretty thrilled he’s gone.

“I hope David takes this as a learning experience to understand what the LGBT community is trying to improve,” Farrah commented. “For Jenelle, I hope she helps her husband become a better person.” She then continued by saying she’s “happy to see MTV make a responsible employer choice.”

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7. Jenelle tried to defend her husband, but no one’s buying it

Jenelle and David on a red carpet at an event.

Fans are not going to forgive his comments. | Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

TMZ reports Jenelle responded to her husband’s firing, but not everyone was buying it. She claimed David doesn’t understand “how Twitter even works,” thus he didn’t know the backlash would be this severe. “He agrees he will keep his comments to himself for now on,” she added.

In an even weirder turn of events, she also said David doesn’t hate people from the LGBT community because he has gay friends. She also said they both attended Farrah’s party and he was fine being surrounded with LGBT folks.

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