These 15 Cancers Are Most Commonly Misdiagnosed

2. Lymphoma

Woman with swollen lymph nodes

Woman with swollen lymph nodes | Vonschonertagen/iStock/Getty Images

Often misdiagnosed as: Non-deadly disease found in the gut

The CDC explains lymphoma refers to groups of cancers that start in the tissue and organs that produce and carry white blood cells that help fight infection. If you have consistently swollen lymph nodes, fever, night sweats, or unexplainable weight loss, these are all signs you may be dealing with this type of cancer.

Oddly enough, City of Hope notes there’s a less deadly disease that often mimics the signs of lymphoma. The disease is known as indolent T-LPD, and it causes similar symptoms of lymphomas that are found in the gut. It’s not deadly, which is a plus, but it also doesn’t respond to traditional lymphoma treatments.

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