The 1 Photo That Reveals How Much Princess Charlotte Looks Like Queen Elizabeth

When it comes to who the favorite member of the British royal family is, there’s a very strong case in Princess Charlotte’s favor. Prince William’s daughter continues to charm the world with her adorable antics and photo-ready waves. One thing that continues to fascinate royal watchers is how much she resembles Queen Elizabeth. Here are seven times that Princess Charlotte looked just like her great-grandmother. (The photos on page 7 are particularly uncanny.)

That blue-eyed stare

Queen Elizabeth and Princess Charlotte collage.

Left: Queen Elizabeth has stunning blue eyes. | Sean Gallup/Getty Images, Right: Princess Charlotte was lucky enough to inherit these baby blues. | The Royal Family via Facebook

It was easy to see a resemblance between Princess Charlotte and Queen Elizabeth even when the little Cambridge princess was quite young. This is in part because both royals have big blue eyes framed apple cheeks and arched eyebrows. Both get a noticeable twinkle in their eyes when they laugh.

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The wave

Queen Elizabeth and Princess Charlotte collage.

Left: Queen Elizabeth greeting the public in royal manner. | Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images, Right: Princess Charlotte learned to wave properly. | Daniel Leaves-Olivas/Getty Images

Princess Charlotte stole the show when she and her older brother, Prince George, went to the hospital to meet new baby brother, Prince Louis. While George avoided making contact with the media outside of St. Mary’s Hospital, Charlotte made sure to wave to everyone in attendance. Her perfect execution of the “Windsor Wave” naturally makes her look even more like the queen.

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Of course, the first day of school

Queen Elizabeth and Princess Charlotte wearing red collage.

Left: Queen Elizabeth in one of her trademark suits. | Adrian Dennis/Getty Images, Right: Seems like Princess Charlotte took a cue from her grandmother’s wardrobe. | Kensington Palace via Twitter

One occasion when Princess Charlotte especially looked like her great-grandmother was one her first day of nursery school. Duchess Catherine took portraits of the little princess outside of Kensington Palace as she posed in her red coat and buckled shoes. The photos were being placed alongside picture of Queen Elizabeth almost instantly.

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From the Buckingham Palace balcony

Princess Charlotte with the royal family.

Princess Charlotte is learning to be patient during those super-long ceremonies. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

There are many many pictures over the years of the royal family standing on the Buckingham Palace balcony during the Trooping the Color ceremony every year. Photos of Princess Charlotte standing just a few feet away from Queen Elizabeth with her chin propped daintily on her hand really showed how much the fourth in line for the throne resembles the reigning monarch.

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In the brightest-colored garb

Queen Elizabeth and Princess Charlotte collage.

Left: Queen Elizabeth can pull off any color. | Kirstin Sinclair/Getty Images, Right: Princess Charlotte looked adorable in a yellow cardigan. | Handout/Getty Images

Color of clothing is a big deal for royals. And boy, does Queen Elizabeth like to wear some brightly-colored ensembles. Since Princess Charlotte has a similar skin tone, she looks like the queen’s Mini Me whenever she rocks anything from canary yellow to regal purple to bright blue.

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Throwing shade

Princess Elizabeth and Baby Princess Charlotte collage.

Left: Could you resist this princess pout? | The Telegraph via YouTube, Right: Princess Charlotte looks cute even when sad. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Being a royal isn’t always fun and games. And it isn’t always easy smiling for the camera. On particular occasion, the cameras caught a very your Princess Charlotte looking particularly perturbed. Coicidently, Queen Elizabeth took a very similar picture when she was around Charlotte’s age.

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Baby pictures

Queen Elizabeth and Princess Charlotte collage.

Left: Queen Elizabeth was the ultimate royal baby. | One Life One Video via YouTube, Right: Princess Charlotte looks so much like her grandmother. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

There is probably no better example of how much Queen Elizabeth and Princess Charlotte look alike than these pictures. Everything from their facial features to their mannerisms is absolutely spot on.

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