The 5 Worst Ways to Pick Up Women at the Gym

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Gym rats, this one’s for you. Meeting a woman at the gym can be a great way to find someone who you have a common interest with — the gym — right off the bat. But meeting someone this way does take some courage, and you must do it right.

Are you ready to make gym romance happen? Before you do, realize that you need to know what not to do before you can understand the right thing to do.

Pro tip: If your gym offers classes, take one — it is a fantastic way to meet women.

Here are the five worst ways to meet a woman at the gym.

1. While checking yourself out in the mirror

Also, try to avoid the loud grunting, it’s more scary than it is sexy. Don’t consistently check yourself out in the mirror. We understand that you’re counting your reps and trying not to get hurt with the equipment, but if you’re too egotistical, no woman is going to give you the time of day.

2. Looking like you rolled out of bed

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Do realize you’re in public and that first impressions are lasting ones. I’m not saying you need to be wearing Nike’s latest line of workout gear, just don’t wear a beat-up old shirt with holes, and clothing that is too big or too small. I know the gym is not a fashion show, but try and look like you care a little. It’s very telling, especially to a woman, even if you’re at the gym to sweat it out, if you don’t care about what you look like.

3. Don’t make it too obvious

Don’t stare, and don’t make it too obvious that you’re interested. Don’t make any comments about her body either; it’s not bold, it’s uncomfortable. Saying something like “Wow, you have a terrific body,” according to dating coach Tracy Steinberg, is a “pretty big mistake.” So don’t do it.

4. Don’t play trainer

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Nobody wants to be told they’re doing the wrong thing, unless a woman explicitly hired a trainer to tell her that she is doing the wrong thing while she works out. That is not you, so don’t do that. Kansas City personal trainer and fitness model Diana Chaloux, advises you to let the person you’d like to talk to finish a set before you approach. Beware: The woman with earbuds in is probably not in the mood to talk or she’s just really into her music. If you’re getting a different sense and just really feel the need to approach her, proceed with caution.

5. Smelling bad

This one is sometimes unavoidable because you’re sweating like a pig, usually. That’s why you should probably approach a woman before you reach the point of no-sweaty-smelly-return. Scent is very important when it comes to your significant other and plays a big factor in whether people are chemically compatible. Don’t start off on a smelly foot. And also, please don’t douse yourself in Axe Body Spray, unless you want us to run the other way.

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