The 7 Benefits of Bodyweight Workouts

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“Bodyweight exercise” has become one of the most popular search terms in 2015 for good reason: Studies are proving that these exercises are helping people shed fat and boost energy levels. Prominent athletes and warriors, such as Herschel Walker and General Stanley McChrystal swear by them, and internet sensations like Hannibal For King are shattering myths that pumping iron is the only way to get big. Here are the seven greatest benefits of bodyweight workouts:

1. They send excuses packing

One fact of exercise physiology is that hard bodies require hard work. And the more excuses you have, the less work you will do. Bodyweight workouts destroy the list of excuses that keep you from getting in shape.

  • I don’t have time.
  • My gym membership expired.
  • My workout buddy is sick.
  • I can’t drive to the gym because of the weather.
  • I’m too shy to work out in front of other people.

Bodyweight exercises put an end to all those excuses and leave you with a better body and more energy. As a bonus, the money you save from gym memberships could go to your next hot date, which may very well lead to…

2. Better Sex

The plank, the pushup, and the pull-up; your bodyweight routines translate directly to the full body motions enjoyed during sex. The more you commit to bodyweight workouts, the more stamina and muscle memory you’ll have to increase your sexual performance.

 3. Fewer aches and pains

Source: iStock

Source: iStock

The reason we get so achy after a day in the office is because our muscles are under-stressed. When you sit a desk all day, your core is disengaged and your skeleton has to bear all of the force of your body weight.

Doing simple exercises, such as squats or pushups, every thirty minutes will keep your core engaged throughout the day. Pick out your three favorite calisthenic exercises and fit them into your workday routine.

4. Calisthenics are the best option for introverts and beginners

Working out in crowded gyms can be especially daunting for beginners and introverts. If you’re the type who prefers solo walks in the woods, you can bust out burpees on the trail or do pull-ups on tree branches. No one will disturb or judge you.

5. Grounding

New scientific studies prove what most would consider common sense: It’s healthy to be in contact with the earth. Grounding, or “direct physical contact with the vast supply of electrons on the surface of the Earth,” enhances your workout by reducing stress, lowering your blood pressure, and enhancing blood circulation. Grounding has also been linked to greater sleep quality, which enhances your recovery period.

Mix up your workout by taking bodyweight exercises to a local park or soccer field. This way you can receive the benefits of grounding while mixing up your interval training with sprints.

6. The cool factor

Bodyweight workouts not only give you superior health and flexibility, but they lead to the type of functional strength that impresses others. There is a reason your uncle breaks out the one-handed pushup at family gatherings; it’s cool, and people respect the commitment to fitness.

Check out the motivational video above, in addition to this one, to get inspired by some highly respected bodyweight authorities.

7. Herschel Walker

Yes, Herschel Walker is a benefit of bodyweight workouts. His physique and legacy is an inspiration for anybody who wants to get fit with calisthenics. When Herschel got tired of being the “fat kid,” he committed to daily bodyweight workouts. Within two decades he became a celebrated athlete, a universal paragon of fitness, and a poster child for bodyweight exercises.

Today, at age 53 and after successful careers in football, ballet dancing, bobsledding, and track and field, Walker still has one of the best physiques known to man. He does between 750 and 1,500 pushups, as well as 2,000 sit-ups, each day.

If you commit to bodyweight workouts you’ll find an endless variety of exercises to break up your routine. Is the pushup getting too easy? Work up to the one-handed pushup, or any number of variations that challenge your creativity and strength.

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