The Adorable Reason Why Everyone Is in Love With Amy Schumer’s Husband

Amy Schumer surprised the world when she married Martha’s Vineyard chef Chris Fischer after only a few months of dating. Schumer recently parted ways with boyfriend Ben Hanisch in May 2017, which made her February 2018 wedding to Fischer a shock to many.

Until now, Fischer led a pretty low key existence, albeit he penned an award winning cookbook and hung with celebrities like Jake Gyllenhaal, but he also seems to be happier on the farm than in the spotlight. So who is Schumer’s mysterious husband and what makes him someone we are all falling in love with too?

1. He’s true to his family

Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer on their wedding day.

He is very family-oriented. | Entcity via Instagram

Fischer worked at a number of five star restaurants throughout the world, but chose to return to his roots on Martha’s Vineyard to run his family’s farm, according to US Weekly.

“When I grew up, and during the summers, my whole family worked on the farm,” Fischer told The Nourished Life. “At noon everyone would sit down and have lunch together. Family members that were working off the property would come, and soon friends followed suit; sometimes there would be 25, 30, 40 people around for lunch. “Sometimes there were four generations of my family sitting there having lunch.”

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2. Calling Schumer ‘his wife’ makes him happy

Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer on a balcony.

He quickly fell in love with the comedian. | Loveweddingsng via Instagram

Schumer recently recounted a time after her nuptials when Fischer was excited about calling her his wife. “I’m wife as hell. But it’s still, like, a novelty,” US Weekly reports about Schumer’s appearance on the “You Up with Nikki Glaser” SiriusXM show, “Somebody went to sit next to [Fischer] and he’s like, ‘My wife is sitting here,’ and then I got back and he was excited to tell me that he said that.”

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3. Fischer’s vows stole Schumer’s (and everyone else’s) heart

Chris Fischer kissing Amy Schumer.

His wedding vows were heart-warming. | Revistatunta via Instagram

During the wedding, Fischer delivered some pretty swoon-worthy vows that made not only Schumer, but just about everyone tear up.  “I love you, Amy,” Fischer said. “You bring happiness and joy to every part of my life. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. I love you with every piece of my heart.”

Schumer wasn’t the only one swept away by Fischer’s vows. Pal and wedding guest, Jennifer Lawrence said to ET News, “It was beautiful. It was very sudden, but it was, I was sobbing the whole — his vows were stunning. It’s when two people really love each other and they really mean it, it shows, and it was a beautiful ceremony and an amazing time. I couldn’t be happier for them.”

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4. He could be mistaken for this hot celebrity

Chris Fischer and John Hamm collage.

Left: Chris Fischer on his wedding day | Jgyllenfave via Instagram, Right:John Hamm looking handsome in a tuxedo. | Phillip Faraone/Getty Images

Truth be told, Chris Fischer is a pretty handsome dude. But in addition to just being good looking, he could almost pass for another smoldering hot celebrity: Jon Hamm. Featured in a photo with Schumer, Elle pointed out this striking resemblance shortly after the wedding.

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5. Everyone loves a man who can cook

Chris Fischer at a cooking presentation.

He can cook up some amazing things. | Chiadegli11 via Instagram

Not only can Fischer cook, he’s a celebrated chef and award winning cookbook author, E News reports. His family runs the Beetlebung Farm on Martha’s Vineyard, known for supplying a farm to table experience at his former highly regarded restaurant, The Beach Plum Inn and now his current restaurant Covington.

Fischer worked in restaurants throughout the world, including Rome, London, and Tokyo, in addition to New York and California, according to The Nourished Life. He often hosts dinners at his farm on Martha’s Vineyard to celebrate what farmers provide, often including locals and celebrities at the same table.

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6. Fischer is into sustainable farming

Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer on their wedding day.

He has some interesting hobbies and passions. | Celebritydnews via YouTube

Fischer’s family was into sustainable farming long before it was “cool” to be earth friendly. Biodynamic farming, created from plants grown on his family’s five-acre farm are an integral part of Fischer’s approach to food, Modern Farmer reports. Biodynamic farming is an ethical, ecological and holistic approach to growing food, according to the Biodynamic Association. This practice helps to create a more balanced farm ecosystem that promotes health.

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7.  He is also a prolific writer

Chris Fischer cooking fish and onions on a grill.

He is well-respected in the culinary industry. | Takemagazine via Instagram

Fischer often contributed articles about farming and stories about his connection to Martha’s Vineyard to his hometown newspaper, The Vineyard Gazette. Articles often highlighted lives of others who influenced Fischer, whereas others were simple musings of everyday life.

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