The Best Fitbit for Your Fitness Personality

I’m the type of person who will get off the subway at the wrong end of her destination just to add some walking (and killer, massive stairwells) to her daily routine. Or the person who walks home from the grocery store with a granny cart just to slip in some extra movement. So I didn’t think adding a Fitbit to my daily routine would transform things too dramatically. Man, was I wrong.

In just a day, I became addicted to the sleek app, which outlined my total steps, miles, calories burned, active minutes, and more, along with added features to track sleep, meal plans, water consumption (keep drinking that H2O, folks!), competitions with friends, and more. In fact, having a Fitbit has motivated me from going to around 7,000 steps a day, to averaging well over 15,000 steps a day. You start reframing your daily actions to reinforce positive health decisions.

Regardless of whether you’re an up ‘n’ out type naturally or need that extra kick to get moving, we spoke with Daniel Shaw, product marketing manager at Fitbit, to see which Fitbit works best for every fitness personality.

If your idea of de-stressing from work is a quick jog around the block…


Source: Fitbit

Try: Fitbit Charge, $129.95

“A high-performance tracker that delivers real-time stats right to your wrist, helping to give you the motivation you need to meet your health and fitness goals. Charge tracks steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed and active minutes, and automatically tracks sleep in addition to displaying stats and caller ID,” offers Shaw. The Charge comes in four different colors, including black, blue, slate, and burgundy.

If your ideal Saturday is a game of pick-up basketball with the gang or tennis with your roomies…

Source: Fitbit

Source: Fitbit


Try: Fitbit Charge HR, $149.95

“The #1 selling fitness tracker in America that delivers real-time stats and heart rate tracking right to your wrist, giving you the motivation to reach your health and fitness goals. The Charge HR tracks your all-day activity including steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed, active minutes, and sleep. It also comes equipped with continuous, wrist-based heart rate tracking so you can monitor your workout intensity while leaving that old chest strap at home,” says Shaw. The Charge HR is available in five different colors, including black, plum, and the new additions of blue, tangerine, and teal.

If your Sunday involves training for your next marathon…


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Try: Fitbit Surge$249.95

Sure, it’s the best-selling GPS watch in America, but what does that matter to you unless it helps you train smarter and go farther? Newsflash: You’ll be pushing your boundaries like never before. “The Surge is a fitness super watch designed for peak performance with built-in GPS, continuous heart rate tracking, all-day activity tracking, sleep tracking and the best of smartwatch features including text and call notifications and music control,” explains Shaw. The Fitbit Surge is offered in three colors, including black and new-comers blue and tangerine.

If you’re looking to keep your fitness obsession on the DL…


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Try: Fitbit Zip (pictured)/One, $59.95/$99.95

Game, set, giddy up — without anyone even noticing. “If you or are looking to track your steps on the sly, then try Fitbit Zip or Fitbit One. Both easy and affordable ways to track your steps, distance and calories burned, while Fitbit One also tracks floors climbed. If you’re looking to catch some more ZZZ’s, the Fitbit One also allows you to track your sleep,” explains Shaw.

If your favorite part of working out is getting dressed for the gym…


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Try: Fitbit Flex, $99.95

“A slim and stylish wristband that makes fitness part of your lifestyle. Flex, an interchangeable tracker with a variety of colorful wristbands, tracks steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes and sleep, and comes in 10 different colors,” says Shaw. And if you’re feeling super fashionable, you can transform your Flex with an accessory from the exclusive Tory Burch for Fitbit collection, like this handsome, smooth black or black leather strap with shiny brass.

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