The Best Parenting Websites for New Parents

If you’re already a new parent or a mom or dad-to-be, finding the right source for guidance can be tough. It may seem like everyone wants to offer their two cents, but sometimes, you’d rather just do the research on what works best for you. Luckily, finding the right parenting website doesn’t have to be scary. These are the 8 best parenting websites for new parents.

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1. Babble

As a new parent, you’re bound to want some reassurance from time to time. Babble can provide just that. According to Real Simple, Babble is “a veritable safety net of we’ve-been-there advice and keep-you-in-the-loop news to help you during that gigantic leap into the world of parenting.”

2. CafeMom

If you’re in search of a community of moms, CafeMom is the website for you. Consider it your safe space to “ask questions, give advice, and share personal experiences,” according to Message With a Bottle.

3. All For the Boys

Don’t skip this site if you’re only seeking advice for your little girl. All For the Boys has great tips for boys and girls who might have a tendency to get rambunctious. According to, “From forts, to airplanes and more, All For the Boys has craft ideas and DIY round ups to keep boredom at bay for days.”

4. Nameberry

If you’re in major need of inspiration to find a baby name you’re bound to love forever, look no further than Nameberry. Rather than the typical list of basic names that goes on and on, this website has the most adorable names, with the options for specification by origin, “Badass Princess Names,” and even “Old Man Names.” You’re bound to find the perfect moniker for your baby.

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5. AlphaMom

For those who may be struggling with the transition into motherhood, Alpha Mom may be the only parenting website you need. According to Message With a Bottle, “Alpha Mom was started because, as counter-intuitive as it may seem, motherhood is not a natural instinct for many (many) women. Rather, connectedness is a new mom’s first instinct.”

Alpha mom provides support and advice without judgement, which is hard to come by these days.

6. Declutter, Reorganize, Repurpose

Whether you’ve already had your bundle of joy or are getting ready for their arrival, prepare for the clutter to stack up faster than you could have ever imagined. Kids are messy — it’s just part of their package deal. However, Declutter, Reorganize, Repurpose can help you with “cleaning up the clutter, reusing the junk, and having fun,” all in a practical way.

7. STFU, Parents

Sometimes, the best thing you can do for yourself is find a website that you’re bound to relate to while it makes you laugh. According to, “Nothing is as good for a cathartic laugh as parents than STFU, Parents. The tumblr site posts pictures of the annoying, gross, and bizarre things parents do and say on Facebook. Warning: This site is addictive.”

8. Bundoo

Bundoo describes itself as “Doctor led. Parent loved.” What more could you ask for? “Bundoo is a physician-driven resource for expecting parents and new parents of children from 0-4,” according to Message With a Bottle. Given that their website really is doctor-led, with all content written or reviewed by real doctors, you can take their evidence-based advice to heart.

Plus, Bundoo was named Official Honoree for the Webby Awards in the Family/Parenting category — so they’re definitely the real deal.

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