The Body You Want: 5 Reasons to Take Group Fitness Classes

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Source: Thinkstock

While groups can influence us to do the worst things (remember high school?), they can also influence us to be our best. This is especially true when it comes to getting in shape. Group fitness classes are having a moment and they are hotter than ever. But you shouldn’t take group fitness classes because they’re trendy, you should take them because they are a very effective way to change your body. Here are five reasons why group fitness classes get you in shape.

1. Classes are cheaper than a trainer

Are you that guy on who streams Netflix from your iPad while running on the treadmill? Do you not wipe off the weight bench because you haven’t worked up a sweat? Does your post workout protein consist of the cheese on your pizza? Then you are probably the kind of guy who desperately needs a personal trainer to really achieve any sort of fitness goal. But trainers don’t come cheap. In fact, according to the National Strength and Conditioning Association, a personal trainer costs somewhere between $50-$100 an hour. So, group fitness classes are a way more affordable alternative.

Many gyms like Equinox and Crunch are even known for offering top-notch classes. So, don’t be afraid to pick up a schedule next time you check in at the front desk. Or you can sign up for ClassPass, which costs between $79-$125 per month depending on what city you live in. ClassPass offers access to unlimited group fitness classes from a network of boutique studios, replacing the need for a regular gym.

2. You’ll have better form, fewer injuries, and a more effective workout

Having good form cannot be stressed enough because it makes your workout more effective. One of the benefits of having an instructor is that they will demonstrate proper form and correct yours, if need be. Remember, it is in the best interest of the instructor that no one gets hurt.

3. Groups help you stay motivated

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First of all, you’re less likely to slack off when you are with a group of people. But perhaps even more so, classes can bring out your competitive side. After all, if the guy next to you can do 20 reps, so can you. Spin studios such as FlyWheel even encourage friendly competition by displaying real time stats on a class leaderboard. 

4. Group fitness is designed to be fun

You know what it’s like to work out on your own. You try to use a machine like the elliptical while staring at CNN on a small screen or watching Dancing With The Stars on mute. That’s no fun. When you take a class, it is actually part of the instructor’s job to make exercise fun. Whether it’s with a great playlist, a funny story, or a larger than life persona, group fitness instructors want to keep you entertained almost as much as they want to work your body. It’s also their goal to help you meet your goals. A fun, positive experience will keep you coming back for more.

5. It’s easier to mix it up

When your body gets used to particular exercises, it’s simply not as challenged as it once was and your results will ultimately plateau. In order to keep achieving your fitness goals, you have to mix it up. Group fitness makes this a snap. If you want a new challenge, all you have to do is sign up for a different class. If you don’t find your muscles are as toned with spinning as you would like them to be, why not try TRX? Is your current routine leaving you sore? Throw in some yoga. The possibilities for change and new challenges are endless.

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