The Daily Eating Habits of Everyone in the Trump Family

It’s no secret that the country is obsessed with what Donald Trump eats. But what may be even more intriguing is what the rest of the Trump clan has on their daily menu.  You may be surprised by who in the family eats completely different from the POTUS, and whose eating habits are surprisingly similar. Don’t believe us? Here’s how the rest of the Trump family eats.


Ivanka Trump applauds in a blue dress.

Ivanka Trump follows a clean diet, but indulges every once in a while. | Sean Gallup/Getty Images

While she told Vogue back in 2015 that she and husband Jared keep kosher at home, Ivanka has been seen out and more diverse eateries with family. She seems to mostly shy away from her father’s unhealthy eating habits — her social media is littered with photos of veggie pizzas and healthy desserts. Plus there is evidence that she nags recipes from her mother-in-law’s kosher cookbook to prepare meals for her family. However, this famous First Daughter isn’t the perfect picture of health: She allegedly indulges in Diet Cokes. Perhaps her habits aren’t so unlike her father’s after all. At least she appears to eat better than both of her brothers…

Donald Jr.

Donald Trump Jr in a dark suit and purple tie onstage.

Donald Trump Jr. isn’t a stranger to McDonald’s. | Jim Watson /AFP/Getty Images

Eat This, Not That! took a look at the Instagram accounts of Trump family members, and revealed that the president’s eldest son eats quite a bit healthier than his father. Don Jr. is apparently big on taking pictures of his healthy food choices, with an account peppered with pictures of berries, turkey, and salads. He does, however, seem to share his father’s taste in fast food — according to one picture of a McDonald’s breakfast.


Eric Trump wearing headsets as he sits in front of a microphone.

Eric Trump focuses on healthy home-cooked meals. | Cindy Ord/Getty Images

While the Trump contingent could probably eat out at a fancy restaurant every night, second-eldest son Eric would rather stay home and cook. According to a New York Daily News story from 2008, Eric is well versed in cooking heavy Slavic meals, and grew up a big fan of watching his grandmother cook.


Tiffany Trump stands at a podium.

Tiffany Trump is apparently open to trying lots of interesting foods. | Alex Wong/Getty Images

She doesn’t exactly follow mother, Marla Maples, strict vegan diet. But youngest daughter Tiffany Trump seems to be one of the healthiest eaters within the famous family. Her social media feeds suggest that she indulges in healthier fair and exercises portion control. Although, this Georgetown Law student still knows how to enjoy more decadent restaurant fair, as The Washington Post reported spotting Tiffany and a friend out at Indian eatery Rasika.

Jared Kushner

Jared Kushner and Donald Trump sit at a desk.

Jared Kushner enjoys trying new restaurants with his wife Ivanka. | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Donald’s high-profile son-in-law counts is part of the Trump clan, but he certainly comes from a different culinary background. Kushner’s parents kept kosher while he was growing up. He reportedly still eats like he did growing up, although it appears he and wife Ivanka adhere to a more lenient menu these days. (The couple has been spotted at a variety of eateries around Washington D.C. including a couple Italian joints.)


Melania Trump emerges from a black car.

Her active lifestyle must allow for an indulgence every now and then. | Giovanni Isolino/AFP/Getty Images

To maintain her slim frame, former model Melania reportedly keeps to a healthy diet. This isn’t a strict diet, however, or one that follows the latest food trends. According to the Daily Mail, Melania always eats a healthy breakfast and eats several pieces of fruit a day. However, she knows how to treat herself, indulging in chocolate and the occasional Italian dish.


Melania and Barron Trump stand in front of a crowd.

The youngest member of the family follows a normal diet. | Alex Wong/Getty Images

Being that he’s only 11 years old, you can bet that the POTUS’s youngest child eats like any other middle school-aged kid. On a lunch date in New York with mother Melania a year ago, young Barron was reportedly seen chowing down on a big plate of pasta.

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