The Dark Secrets Behind Tori Spelling’s Marriage and What Led to Her Shocking Mental Breakdown

Known for her role in Beverly Hills, 90210 and her incredibly successful autobiography, Tori Spelling continues to make breaking news. Whether it’s drama with her husband or news regarding her five kids, at this point, we’re more familiar with Spelling’s internet presence than we are with her onscreen roles.

Spelling’s mental health has been called into question following a breakdown, however. It turns out her potentially crumbling marriage and difficult home life could be to blame.

1. Police were sent to Spelling’s house following a ‘mental illness’ call

Police spent two hours at Spelling’s home. | Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Entertainment Tonight reports police paid a visit to Spelling’s home in Woodland Hills, California. There was a disturbance call at 7:15 a.m., and two hours later, the police were reportedly still dealing with the situation.

Who notified the police of the incident in question wasn’t revealed — and that’s not the first time that week that the cops showed up at her door, either. They were sent out the night before the “mental illness call” after she thought someone was breaking into her house. In reality, it was just her husband coming home.

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2. Her husband leaving for days is a sure sign her marriage is on the rocks

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott pose together in front of a Volt sign.

Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling | Michael Buckner/Getty Images

What led to Spelling’s mental breakdown? It seems her marriage with Dean McDermott, whom she’s been married to for over 11 years, may be the cause of the stress. According to one source, “Her breakdown came after she and Dean had been fighting. She literally was hysterical,” Entertainment Tonight reports.

Another source tells the publication McDermott actually left the house for several days following one of their spats. And when he returned home, that’s when Spelling called the police thinking it was really a burglar entering.

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3. And her terrible financial situation is making matters worse

She’s in dire straits financially. | David Livingston/Getty Images

Spelling’s money troubles are no secret. Radar Online reports City National Bank sued Spelling and McDermott in December 2016 for failing to pay back a $400,000 loan from 2010. The couple also reportedly owes around $1 million in taxes as of November 2016.

One insider notes both Spelling’s and McDermott’s lack of work have put a rift in their marriage due to the financial strain, Us Weekly reports. “Most of her arguments with McDermott come down to cash,” the source said.

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4. Spelling’s marriage was off to a questionable start from the beginning

Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling and Charlie Shahnaian in happier days, 2005. | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

McDermott wasn’t Spelling’s first husband. As you may recall, the star was married to Charlie Shahnaian when she met McDermott on a film set. She’d only been married a year before she pursued an affair with the actor — and Shahnaian found out about the incident in a tabloid first, Heavy reports.

McDermott ended his decade-long marriage for Spelling as well. And though things seemingly worked out for Spelling in the end, she had a breakdown when she sat with her ex-husband on her reality show, True Tori. “I regret the way I handled things obviously. He’s a good man,” she tearfully said.

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5. McDermott jeopardized their relationship when he had an affair

tori spelling and dean mcdermott

McDermott has had affairs before. | Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Chevrolet Volt

McDermott didn’t just have an affair with his first wife — he also cheated on Spelling once before. People reports Spelling was celebrating the holidays with their children while McDermott was having an affair. And she even created her reality show, True Tori, to document how her and her husband could work through the tough time together.

Even more shocking, E! News reports Spelling found out about the affair after 28-year-old Emily Goodman came forward with the truth. It turns out Goodman and McDermott had a two-day fling in Toronto when he was visiting.

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6. And McDermott’s ex-wife reveals Spelling’s been paying his spousal support

Actor Dean McDermott with then-wife Mary Jo Eustace in 2003. | Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

On top of the rest of the couple’s money woes, Spelling was also reportedly paying McDermott’s alimony payments, Us Weekly reports. Mary Jo Eustace, McDermott’s ex-wife, said McDermott was supposed to help pay her teenaged son’s rent. But when his rent checks were bouncing, it raised red flags for Eustace.

“Tori reached out to me and basically said that she would be covering the alimony because Dean didn’t have any money,” Eustace recalled. Unfortunately, Spelling fell back on those payments as well, which certainly led to some tension.

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7. Will the couple make it work after all?

Divorce is out of the question — for now. | Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Santa’s Secret Workshop 2016

As one source told Us Weekly, “You would think the cheating, money problems and constant arguing would be enough for Tori to decide to divorce Dean, but she refuses to even discuss it.” It seems Spelling doesn’t want to be seen as a “failure” in the eyes of her peers, which is perhaps what she believes may happen if she leaves her husband.

As of now, Spelling’s mother is picking up the financial burdens the couple can’t keep up with. And the publication notes she’s also discussed the possibility of having a sixth child, even with her current issues. There’s no doubt friends and family are worried about her future.

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