The Dark Story Behind the 2 Stalkers Obsessed With Sandra Bullock (Including the 1 Who Tried to Kill Jesse James)

The dark side of being a celebrity is that people can become obsessed to the point of stalking. Sandra Bullock knows all too well about stalkers. She’s had two stalkers. But Bullock isn’t the only celebrity with a stalker. Actress Pauley Perrette has experience with a stalker as well as many other celebrities. Keep reading to learn more about Sandra Bullock’s two stalkers.

One woman became obsessed with Sandra and stalked her house

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock had a number of bizarre incidences with a stalker. | Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images

In 2007, Marcia Valentine began stalking Sandra Bullock. Bullock testified in court that “on five occasions Valentine left in her yard palm fronds adorned with ‘weird signs’ and ‘pieces of animal fur,’” according to Today. Bullock got a restraining order against Valentine keeping her from “contacting or coming near her home, family or work for three years.”

Hint: She used her car as a weapon.

She tried to kill Bullock’s husband

Sandra Bullock and Jesse James during the 41st NAACP Image awards

Jesse James was also in danger. | Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Valentine tried to kill Bullock’s then-husband, Jesse James, when he tried to get the license plate number on Valentine’s car, according to Today. After Bullock told Valentine to leave her home, she tried to run over James with her car repeatedly. “She jumped in the car, put it in reverse and accelerated in his direction,” Jim Amormino, a spokesperson for the Orange County sheriff’s said. “She attempted to hit him three or four times.” Before the incident, Valentine had been found lying in front of Bullock’s garage door.

Hint: Valentine got this sentence for stalking Sandra Bullock.

Valentine sentenced to probation

court judge holding a gavel

The stalker was convicted and received probation. | Chris Ryan/Getty Images

  • Fun fact: Valentine had a job as a dental assistant.

Valentine pleaded guilty to stalking Sandra Bullock in 2007 and received three years probation, according to the Daily News. Other charges were dropped that involved a deadly weapon, specifically the Mercedes she used in her attempt to kill Jesse James.

Hint: A man entered Sandra’s home.

One stalker broke into her house

Sandra Bullock in Our Brand Is Crisis

It seems Bullock had more than one crazed fan to worry about. | Warner Bros.

  • Fun fact: Joshua Corbett had 25 pages of writing, which described himself as Bullock’s husband, according to USA Today.

After scoping out her home for days, Joshua James Corbett broke into Sandra Bullock’s home in 2014. Bullock locked herself in a closet and called the police, according to USA Today. Bullock stayed on the phone with 911 for 15 minutes, which later became evidence in the case against Corbett. Corbett was sentenced to continued mental health treatment, probation, and not to go near or contact Sandra Bullock for 10 years.

Hint: Corbett wanted to be in Sandra Bullock’s life.

Corbett thought himself to be Bullock’s husband

Actress Sandra Bullock and husband Jesse James

This story just gets stranger and stranger. | Vince Bucci/Getty Images

  • Fun fact: Sandra Bullock’s son, Louis Bardo Bullock, wasn’t home, at the time of the break-in.

When he broke into Bullock’s home in 2014, Corbett believed himself to be her husband and the father to her son, according to USA Today. In addition to 25 pages of writings, police found a two-page handwritten letter to Bullock Corbett left at her home. “You could of [sic] had me today however you choose other people over me. I’ll be around as you know. I love you,” the letter read.

Hint: Corbett planned on doing much more than breaking into Sandra Bullock’s home.

Corbett intended to assault Bullock

Joshua Corbett, Sandra Bullock's stalker

Scarily enough, his intentions weren’t pure. | CBS This Morning via YouTube

Fun fact: Corbett had details of his plan to sexually assault Bullock in a notebook, according to the Daily News.

At the time of the break-in, officials alleged Corbett intended to sexually assault Bullock, according to ABC 7. Law enforcement also found two dozen illegal firearms and ammunition in his home, although weapons charges brought against Corbett were later dropped.

Hint: Corbett’s life ended tragically.

Corbett killed himself in a stand-off with police

Joshua Corbett, Sandra Bullock's stalker

Sadly, Corbett’s life ended. | Inside Edition via YouTube

  • Fun fact: Police spent five hours trying to get Corbett out of his home, according to Variety.

Corbett barricaded himself in his home after the L.A. police department tried to issue an arrest warrant, according to ABC7. Corbett had failed to show up for a progress report hearing, causing his probation to be revoked. A SWAT team arrived at Corbett’s home after he threatened violence. During the incident Corbett killed himself.

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