Bad Date? Fail-Proof Tricks That You’ve Never Thought Of

If you’ve been on a bad date before (or two … or three …) we feel your pain. Maybe your date was so dull you had to order a few extra glasses of wine to make it interesting. On the other hand, perhaps they were a little too much to handle and you couldn’t wait to escape. And when you don’t have chemistry, is there anything that can be done?

Don’t worry — you don’t have to lie about your dog needing to be fed, to escape. Follow this easy and fast way to bring a bad date to a screeching halt.

Act like you just started seeing someone else

Young couple at a restaurant.

Let them down gently. | Gpointstudio/iStock/Getty Images

When you meet someone you know you’re not going to connect with, you usually know immediately. So, what happens when you sit down with this person and decide right then and there they aren’t for you?

Relationship insider from, Kimberly Moffit, tells HuffPost Canada you can really kill the romance by pretending you recently met someone else. You can end it by saying, “I came here because I didn’t want to stand you up at the last minute, but I just started seeing someone and it’s going really well. I’m so happy!”

And this isn’t the only fail-proof way to get out of your bad date. Check out these other ideas.

Set a deadline for how long you can stay

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Hate to eat and run, but … | Studio/iStock/Getty Images

Here’s another way to end the date when you immediately know things aren’t working. Cosmopolitan recommends setting a time limit on the date before things even really start. Try saying something like, “I’m sorry, but I can only stay a half hour,” and then you can give a reason why if you feel the need to justify it.

This means you’ll only have to sit through 30 minutes with this person rather than suffering through a whole night. Not bad.

Pre-plan an escape with a friend

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Setting up an escape plan can get you out quickly. | Astarot/iStock/Getty Images

This takes a little bit of thinking before you go on the date, but it might be well worth the effort.

Sophie Labrey, a content manager for the dating app TrueView, tells Glamour you should rearrange an “emergency” with a friend before the date starts. This way, you can text them a code word, have them call you, and you can act like you need to leave immediately. But Labrey warns, “Using this excuse avoids confrontation, but it’s poor!”

Speedy? Absolutely. Morally right? Maybe not. Use at your discretion.

Tell them you’re not interested

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If they’re mature, they’ll understand. | Nandyphotos/iStock/Getty Images

This direct approach isn’t necessarily easy for everyone — but if you have no problem being upfront, it’ll get you out of the date fast. And it doesn’t require being rude, either.

YourTango recommends saying something like, “I’m so glad we can become closer as friends.” You can also ask them if they’re feeling the same “friend-zone” vibe. Who knows — your date might totally agree, and you two could be great friends. If they don’t, at least you’re done with the date!

Suggest introducing them to a friend of yours

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Think about it … you always have a single friend who needs a match. | Monkeybusinessimages/iStock/Getty Images

Maybe the sparks aren’t there between you and your date, but you still think they’re a catch. Moffit says you can mention you have a friend who you think they would get along with. You can then offer to introduce the two of them. This might seem awkward to add into date-night conversation, but it really can be for the best.

“This makes it clear that you’re not interested in a relationship but that you still think they’re great,” Moffit adds.

The preemptive approach: Go for coffee instead of dinner

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Coffee dates are more casual than dinner. | ArthurHidden/iStock/Getty Images

The more preventative measures you take, the easier it is to leave your bad date in the dust. Evening dates can drone on for hours — there’s usually dinner involved, maybe a movie, and then possibly even more after that. An afternoon date at a coffee shop is a lot easier to get out of quickly, and it gives a more casual vibe. If you have to sit through a cup of coffee with your awful date before taking off, that’s not such a big deal. And you can plan for another rendezvous at night if you really enjoy your time together.

Why you should end it instead of suffering through it

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You don’t want to lead someone on. | Fizkes/iStock/Getty Images Plus

If you’re shy or scared of hurting your date’s feelings, it’s natural to think sucking it up and complaining about it to your friends later is the best course of action. But Elite Daily explains there are actually a lot of advantages to ending a bad date early.

You won’t be wasting any more of your time or theirs, and you can save some money if you end it before the expensive dinner menus are set in front of you. Also, you might end up with a bit more confidence than you had before. You don’t owe anyone your time or energy — if the situation is downright uncomfortable, you have every right to leave.