The Guy’s 14-Day Countdown to Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day manages to sneak up on even the most organized person. Pretty soon, a holiday that was supposed to be all about enjoying time with someone special turns into the world’s biggest headache. Scrambling to put together a nice evening usually works out alright, but it rarely feels like much of a celebration.

Instead of the same last-second frenzy, take a more relaxed approach to Valentine’s Day by starting early and taking a little bit of help from a relationship expert. Gina Guddat, a therapist, couples counselor, and author of Love Metabolism, spoke to us about what it takes to make this February 14 spectacular.

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It all starts with putting your sweetheart first. “The reality is that Valentine’s Day is probably more important to her than you,” Guddat explained. This means, even if you couldn’t care less about the day, putting forth a little bit of effort will score you serious points. Lucky for you, Guddat shared a 14-day outline to make things more manageable.

14. Get a quality card

Pick out your card now, before all the good ones are gone. Bonus points for sending an e-card in addition to the hard copy, and extra bonus points for writing your own poetic version. P.S. — No silly singing cards. Valentine’s Day is not a good holiday for jokes

13. Act fast for reservations

Plan ahead. Reservations at nice restaurants go fast. Make sure you know her dietary habits because nothing will turn her off more than taking her to a steak restaurant if she’s a vegetarian, even if you love red meat. This is her night, so take her likes into consideration.

12. Do a little extra work

Want to really impress her? Plan a romantic four-course dinner at home. Women love a guy who can cook and not just order a pizza or Chinese for delivery.

11. Set the mood

Light the night. Take a trip to a home décor store for some really nice candles. Research shows that scents like vanilla, caramel, and cinnamon relax the body and help your partner get “in the mood.”

10. Enlist your partner’s friends for help

Find out what your honey’s favorite flower is. It’s OK to ask her best girlfriend if you don’t already know. Roses are too predictable and boring. Score extra points by sending the bouquet to work.

9. Pick the right tunes

Put together a playlist of romantic tunes. The right background music is a great mood-enhancer.

8. Spend where it counts

Invest in a small box of quality chocolates. Nothing against drugstore or supermarket candy, but a few great, melt-in-your-mouth truffles beat the mega-box of waxy chocolate any day.

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7. Brave the department store

Take a trip to the fragrance counter with your partner and pick out a new smell for each other.

6. Avoid guessing with gifts

If you’re already intimate, take your lover out the week before to purchase some sexy lingerie or a silk nightie together. Better that she picks out something she’s comfortable in than you having to figure out if her body size is really “just about like the sales girl.”

5. Tidy up

If you’re driving or planning on taking her back to your place, make sure your car is clean and the house is picked up. Women notice details, and most find it hard to relax when they are surrounded with junk. Make the night stress-free by planning ahead so the whole experience is enjoyable.

4. Put your partner first

Stay focused on your sweetheart. Unless she’s as much of a die-hard fan as you, don’t turn on the game. And shut off your phone. Nothing will turn her off more than you discussing your next business deal or picking up a call from your mother.

3. Watch the booze

Limit the alcohol on Cupid’s day. Red wine is certainly romantic, but more than two glasses puts a damper on the evening, and possible the next morning. Keep your passion alive and drink moderately.

2. Enjoy the experience

For women, Valentine’s Day is about the whole experience. Enjoying each other’s company, good communication, and loving attention makes the night truly fulfilling. If you happen to end up in bed for a passionate romp, great, but it should never be your only goal.

1. Make her feel special

Love your lover! Give her compliments, admire her beauty, and affirm her intelligence. Make her the center of your evening, and you are sure to have a very happy Valentine’s Day.

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