The Most Life-Changing Medical Breakthroughs of the Past Year

Humans can do incredible things, and this is especially evident in the medical field. From discovering antibiotics and X-rays to developing anesthesia and organ transplants, healthcare has come a long way in the last few centuries. So, what does the future hold? Here are the most life-changing medical innovations of the past year.

1. Regenerating body parts

Scientist in the lab
Scientist in the lab | SeventyFour/Stock/Getty Images Plus

We can thank Ohio State University for body parts of the future. Researchers at OSU’s Wexner Medical Center and College of Engineering developed a noninvasive technology, called tissue nanotransfection, that can reprogram skin cells to repair blood vessels, nerve cells, and organs.

Dr. Chandan Sen, co-leader of the study, explained “This is difficult to imagine, but it is achievable, successfully working about 98 percent of the time. With this technology, we can convert skin cells into elements of any organ with just one touch.” So far, tests have only been completed on animals. However, clinical trials on humans are underway.

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