The New Workout Program You Can Do Anywhere

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A hectic schedule can make it difficult for you to imagine dedicating an hour (or more) to the gym for a workout. But your health shouldn’t suffer just because you’re busy. Instead, it’s important to find other  more convenient  ways to workout. Take Los Angeles-based Trainersvault for example. Founded in 2014 by Cortney Woodruff, the online workout program lets you get a sweat session in whenever and wherever you can. To learn more about this program, The Cheat Sheet spoke with Woodruff about what makes it unique, why it’s an essential workout for the modern man, and how it ensures you stay fit. Here’s what we learned.

The Cheat Sheet: What is Trainersvault?

Cortney Woodruff: Trainersvault is a community marketplace for people to discover and book personal trainers, fitness classes, or online digital workouts around the world through mobile phones or the internet. Whether it’s a personal trainer for a month of in-person training, a one-time fitness class, or 30 day at home workout DVD, Trainersvault provides all these experiences to its users, with over 1300 personal trainers around the world.  

CS: What makes Trainersvault unique?

CW: Our principle of always putting personal trainers first and doing everything possible to make sure that they are able to offer reliable, high-quality training that is more affordable than ever before to the world is what makes us unique.  

CS: Why is Trainersvault perfect for the modern man?

CW: Trainersvault is perfect for the modern man, because it provides an abundance of options during a time when we are always expecting infinite options and consuming content rather it be via social media, television, radio, or other digital outlets. That’s what Trainersvault is about, transforming the fitness industry and ushering in a digital wave of fitness content that allows more people to access fitness as easily as they access television shows and movies on Netflix.

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CS: What types of workouts can users anticipate seeing on Trainersvault?

CW: We are seeing a variety of classes and workouts offered on TV at the moment. Everything ranging from pre-natal workouts, couple’s workouts, yoga workouts, abdominal workouts, vegan workouts, and more. What’s really exciting for us though, is seeing the trainers come back month after month with new and improved classes and programs incorporating their customer’s feedback.  

CS: Why is Trainersvault perfect for winter? 

CW: During a time when people are really engaged in over-eating and vacationing with friends, gyms typically plan to prey on the lapse of conscious healthy habits made by individuals. However, with Trainersvault, trainers remain engaged with their customers and the community to provided guides and plans that really allow individuals to stay on track, without falling into the holiday season/ winter trap.

CS: Who would you recommend use Trainersvault?

CW: Everyone.  There is so much knowledge that is shared on Trainersvault directly from the trainers and also from the community, that anyone with an interest in fitness can find something of value. We find that men typically have a “do it myself” mentality, but once they find a trainer they are interested in, they quickly find value, rather it be accessing meal plans or simple tips that they can incorporate into their existing workouts and habits.  

CS: What are a few of your favorite workouts on Trainersvault?

CW: We love them all. We can’t be biased. We are pro (all workouts.) No favoritism!

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CS: What does the “book it” feature allow users to do?

CW: The book it feature is a seamless way for customers to connect and contact trainers directly. What we’ve seen is that a lot of times organizations and individuals would like to bring trainers to events to teach classes or have 1-1 sessions, but have no way of communicating or contacting the trainer. Moreover, with an influx of emails containing general questions, most trainers prioritize messages on Trainersvault because they know that it is typically coming from parties interested in their services.  So it opens up the lines of communication and may lead to a 1 on 1 session.

CS: Is there a monthly membership cost for using Trainersvault?

CW: Currently there isn’t a monthly membership cost for Trainersvault.  Trainers set their own prices, and they typically charge per class, workout program, or session.

CS: Is there an opportunity for users to schedule in-person training sessions?

CW: We often see trainers going on tours and meeting their fans around the world, so we created tools that would allow trainers to create events, and sell tickets in advance. This was to help the trainers become more organized but also enable customers to plan in advance for upcoming events. However for those that may not be able to come to the city that trainers are in, or live in cities that trainers frequently visit, the digital workouts is a great solution.

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