This Is the 1 Personality Trait People Who Are Successful at Losing Weight Have

Let’s face it: Some people are just better at sticking to their weight loss journeys than others. You might find yourself going strong for a week or two, but after a while, dieting and exercising is a lot harder than it sounds. How do some people find the motivation to just keep going?

Studies have found that certain personality traits are the reason behind people being able to reach their goals. Here are the personality traits found in people who are successful at losing weight, leading up to the No. 1 characteristic that sets those people up for victory.

7. Being motivated by their own choices

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Make a few personal health goals to accomplish, and stick to them. | Halfpoint/iStock / Getty Images Plus

According to Psychology Today, those who are motivated by their own choices are far more likely to succeed in weight loss. They’re able to identify the benefits of their diet and exercise routines, allowing them to stay persistent in their efforts.

Some of their interests might include “taking steps toward personal growth and development, pursuing positive personal challenges, and preserving [their] good health.”

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6. Confidence in reaching their goals

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Make goals you feel confident you can reach. | Jacob Ammentorp Lund/iStock/Getty Images

To some, weight loss goals seem far fetched and impossible to reach. However, those with confidence in their ability to reach their goals will likely stick it out — even if they run into barriers. It’s easy to give up if you lose sight of what you’re aiming toward, but keeping the result in mind will definitely help you push further.

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5. Those who are more introverted

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When you cook at home, you know exactly what’s going in to your body. |

You’d think extroverts would be more motivated to get out there and reach their goals. In reality, introverts are far more successful at weight loss. According to Woman’s Day, “The more extroverted a person is, the less healthy they tend to eat. That might be because outgoing people tend to go out to dinner and socialize more over meals.”

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4. Maintaining a positive body image

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Be proud of your progress, and don’t compare yourself to others. |

When people are losing weight to achieve a certain “look” of their body, they could be setting themselves up to fail. If they don’t see those results quickly enough (or ever), they might not see any reason to lose weight at all.

According to Psychology Today, those who maintain a positive body image throughout their weight loss journey are more likely to succeed. They are more concerned with “an internal desire to be healthy, rather than external pressures such as media messages or social stigmas.”

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3. Conscientious eaters

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Consider the long-term consequences of your eating habits. |

Woman’s Today has found that people who are generally more conscientious are more likely to lose weight. Their ability to restrain themselves pushes them to make more healthy choices, such as choosing fruit over meat.

They aren’t emotional eaters, and they tend to avoid “external” eating, which Woman’s Day describes as “choosing food just because it smells nice and tastes good.”

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2. They keep track of their progress

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Keep track of your workouts, and you may see more success. | yacobchuk/iStock/Getty Images

Those who are able to monitor their own weight loss journey by keeping track of their progress are destined to succeed. They might track their diet, physical activity, and their weight on a regular basis. Not only can you look back and see the concrete progress you’ve made, but it might motivate you to keep going and see further achievements.

Plus, tracking your journey could identify any barriers you might face, and could help you overcome them in the future.

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1. Those who do everything in moderation

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Moderation really is the key to success. | Solovyova/iStock/Getty Images

The No. 1 personality trait of people who are successful at losing weight? Taking everything in moderation. They are realistic about their diet and exercise plans. They don’t expect to see quick results. They don’t restrict themselves from enjoying their favorite foods, and they avoid extremely low-calorie diets.

According to Psychology Today, this allows you to “feel less pressure to go on a temporary diet than to learn more about healthy weight control and putting that knowledge into action.”

If you continue allowing yourself to eat the foods you love, all while maintaining a generally healthy diet and exercise routine, you’re far more likely to stick with it and reach your goals.

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