The Psychology Behind the Most Bone Chilling Murders in America

Talking about serial killers and horrible murders isn’t exactly pleasant — in fact, it’s horrifying. However, when you delve into the psyches of the criminals, it can actually be quite fascinating. If you’ve ever watched true crime documentaries, you’ve probably been captivated by the psychology behind the murders.

No one in their right mind kills people in cold blood. But the reasons behind some of the most prominent murders in America might shock you.

Are all murderers mentally ill?

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Here is the one thing they might have in common. | Getty Images

There’s no doubt that someone who kills another person is, at best, disturbed. But are they all mentally ill? Some people, like retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, believe that they are — and in fact, Stevens reversed his stance on the death penalty because of it.

But while many professional people do believe murderers are all mentally ill, some researchers say this is not true. Many killers, including the shooters in some of the recent mass shootings, don’t have a history of criminal activity or mental illness.

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