Every Time the Queen and Camilla Had a (Not So Polite) Royal Feud

As the former mistress (and now wife) of Prince Charles, Camilla Parker Bowles had a rocky welcoming into the royal family. Case in point: Her relationship with Queen Elizabeth II.

Ahead, we take a closer look at the queen and Camilla’s feuding past, including the time the queen banned her from Buckingham Palace (page 4) and the horrible thing she once said about her daughter-in-law (page 6).

She refused to talk to Camilla on her wedding day

Camilla and Charles wedding

The queen gave Camilla the cold shoulder on her wedding day. | Hugo Burnand/Pool/Getty Images

Despite giving Charles and Camilla her blessing and hosting their wedding reception, the queen reportedly refused to talk to Camilla on her wedding day. She even went so far as to not say Camilla’s name during her reception speech.

On top of that, she only spent a few minutes posing for photos with the couple — yikes!

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The queen once called her a ‘wicked woman’

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II (C) waves as to guests as she arrives in the Royal box

The queen has never been a fan of Camilla. | John Stillwell/AFP/Getty Images

While things could have been a lot worse, the queen’s name-calling is a telltale sign of her feelings towards her daughter-in-law.

According to an article written by royal expert Tom Bower, the queen once had a few too many martinis and called Camilla a “wicked woman,” stating she wanted “nothing to do with her.”

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Operation 70

Harry, Meghan, Camilla and Charles at The Prince Of Wales' 70th Birthday Patronage Celebration

Camilla wanted Charles crowned king by his 70th birthday. | Dominic Lipinski – Pool/Getty Images

The queen might be ruthless, but her actions are nothing compared to the awful operation Camilla reportedly cooked up. According to a source close to the palace, Camilla wants to give her husband the ultimate 70th birthday present — the throne — and has made efforts to push the queen out. The queen was, understandably, royally ticked off when she found out.

This operation might just be hearsay, but given their relationship, we wouldn’t put it past Camilla to do something like this to a woman who has made her life (and relationship) difficult.

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She banned her from Buckingham Palace

Buckingham palace guards

The queen banned Camilla when she found out she and Charles were having an affair. | Leon Neal/Getty Images

Perhaps a lot of the tension between the queen and Camilla dates back to the time the queen banned her from Buckingham Palace and its guest lists. When the queen found out about Charles and Camilla’s affair, she reportedly told Camilla (and presumably Charles) that she was no longer allowed in the palace.

Albeit necessary for the situation, the ban was uncomfortable for both Camilla and the queen. The queen has known Camilla for many years, as her ex-husband Andrew Parker Bowles was the Queen Mother’s godson.

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The Queen Mother’s funeral

Britain's Prince Charles (R) Prince Andrew (L) and Prince William (C) walk behind the Gun Carriage bearing the coffin of the Queen Mother April 9, 2002 as it makes its way to Westminster Abbey during her state funeral April 9, 2002 in London.

The queen did not want to invite Camilla to her mother’s funeral. | Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

Speaking of the Queen Mother, the queen came very close to banning Camilla from her funeral. According to The Daily Beast, the queen initially didn’t want to invite Camilla because her mother disapproved of her. However, she later came to her senses and allowed her an invite — after all, she was once married to the Queen Mother’s godson.

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The queen thinks she looks ‘rather used’

The queen has gotten nasty about Camilla’s appearance. | Alastair Grant/AFP/Getty Images

The queen and Camilla have overcome a lot of rough patches together. However, that hasn’t stopped her majesty from occasionally slipping up.

According to an article written by Graham Turner, author of “Elizabeth: The Woman and the Queen,” the queen once gossiped with a friend about how Camilla looks “rather used.”

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The queen hates drama

Queen Elizabeth II Visits Frankfurt am Main

The queen wants a unified royal family, not drama. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

The real reason the queen has had so many ups and downs with her daughter-in-law? She hates drama — and Camilla has inflicted a lot of drama on the royal family.

That said, the queen’s engagement with Camilla’s drama — not to mention: her rude comments — has only added fuel to the fire.

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It’s nothing personal

The queen and Camilla still get along. | David Parker/AFP/GettyImages

At the end of the day, the queen doesn’t have a problem with Camilla, she has a problem with the idea of her. She did not approve of her son’s extramarital affair and once believed that Charles and Camilla’s actions could have been a huge threat to the monarchy.

Despite their bad blood, the queen doesn’t hate Camilla and, for the most part, gets along with her.

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