The Real Reason This Soccer Star Can Legally Marry 2 Women at Once

Former Brazilian soccer star Ronaldinho Gaúcho plans to marry two women in a wedding ceremony in August, Rio de Janeiro newspaper O Dia reported. The former FIFA World Player of the Year, 38, has told Brazilian media he is “adept” at polygamy. He has been spotted repeatedly with both women together.

Here we’ll share photos of the two women, how such a civil union is possible (page 5), and how the 2002 World Cup winner responded to the reports (page 6).

When the relationships began

Ronaldinho Gaúcho on the field.

The famous athlete is in a unique relationship. | Robert Hradil/Getty Images

Gaúcho, who spent much of his career with European clubs Barcelona and Milan, began living with both women in 2017 in his multi-million-dollar Rio de Janeiro coastal mansion, The Sun reported. He began dating Priscilla Coelho between 2012 and 2014 when he played for the club Atlético Mineiro. He reportedly met and started dating Beatriz Souza in 2016.

Both women are 30 years old and hail from Belo Horizonte, located north of Rio. They live harmoniously together, reports say. The former soccer star is said to pay each a monthly allowance of $2,000.

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Priscilla Coelho

Ronaldinho Gaúcho and his two girlfriends.

He is in love with two women. | Bedjosessien via Instagram

Gaúcho and Coelho have been attended many functions together. She studied social communications at Rio’s main university and worked for Royal Caribbean Cruises in guest relations before heading to a mining company.

Coelho’s family members reportedly were unhappy about her boyfriend’s having another lover. “They are upset because they discovered that every present he gives to Priscilla, he also gives to the other girl,” a family friend told Brazil’s Extra newspaper.

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Beatriz Souza

Ronaldinho Gaúcho and his two girlfriends in a selfie.

The three of them share a special bond. | Fcbnigerianfans via Instagram

Gaúcho met Souza, also known as “Bia,” several years after he started dating Coelho. He has traveled with her and Coelho to many events, including a trip to Japan with his samba music band in March 2018. At that time, he shared photos with his 32 million followers on Instagram of himself with both women.

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A gossip columnist reported the engagement

Ronaldinho Gaúcho during an interview.

The rumors turned out to be speculation. | Stringer/Getty Images

Brazilian gossip columnist Leo Dias caused a stir when he first reported on May 24, 2018 the former footballer planned the three-way marriage. The columnist maintained it would be an intimate, family-only ceremony in the former Selecao star’s Rio mansion.

Gaúcho asked both women to be his wives in January and gave them engagement rings, Dias reported. The soccer superstar’s sister opposes the marriage and therefore would not attend, according to reports.

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How he can legally marry both women

Ronaldinho Gaúcho's two girlfriends.

These relationships are not unheard of. | Vasatrend1 via Twitter

The obvious question is how this type of wedding is even possible. As it turns out, while bigamy and polygamy are illegal in Brazil, a reported legal loophole permits a person to marry two others at the same time in a single ceremony. Such three-person civil unions do exist in Brazil.

The soccer superstar would likely create a private contract that lays out the rules for the three-way marriage, Brazilian lawyer Michelle Viana told New York Daily News. It would cover aspects like each party’s financial responsibilities if the marriage were to end, she said.

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Ronaldinho denied having any marriage plans

Ronaldinho Gaúcho on the soccer field.

It seems he isn’t keen on settling down. | Robert Hradil/Getty Images

The former footballer laughed off the marriage reports on May 25, 2018. “It’s just the biggest lie. That was said, but it is a lie,” he told SporTV, denying any plans to settle down. “Everyone in the world is calling me and leaving me messages. It’s funny. I’m not getting married!”

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This isn’t Brazil’s first 3-person civil union

Three people in a couple.

Polyamorous relationship are on the rise. |

This wouldn’t be the first legal three-person union in Brazil. In 2012, the country approved a civil union for three people: a man and two women, who had been living together for three years, sharing bills and a bank account.

The country recognized another civil union in 2015, in which three women wanted to raise a child together. This was the first three-women trio to enter such a contract.

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