The Secrets Behind Donald Trump’s Close Relationship With His Daughter-in-Law, Lara

Donald Trump shares a special relationship with his daughter-in-law, Lara. She unexpectedly became an important and supportive ally during his 2016 election campaign, and doesn’t plan on stopping her efforts anytime soon.

Here’s how she fits into the Trump family, and why the president values her not only as a business partner, but as a part of his son’s life.

Lara Trump is married to Donald Trump’s youngest son

The couple have rescue dogs. |Robin Marchant/Getty Images

The two met randomly in New York in 2008 and married in November 2014 in Mar-a-Lago. Since then, they have adopted two rescue dogs — Charlie and Ben, both beagles — and have yet to convince Donald and his vice president to follow suit.

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During his presidential campaign, she supported him ‘100 percent’ …

She’s been a supporter since day one. | Christopher Gregory/Getty Images

Kellyanne Conway said Lara was an asset on the campaign trail, doing whatever she could to aid fundraising and encourage people to vote. She apparently grabbed the attention of many female and southern voters. Donald Trump put her “in charge” of making sure they won North Carolina, her home state.

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… and she’s already involved in his re-election campaign

She’s already working on the reelection campaign. | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Trump’s daughter-in-law has become the “face” of his 2020 re-election campaign. Because her involvement seemed to make such a difference in his first run for president, he’s counting on her to help him win the next one.

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She’s found her ‘fit’ at the White House

White House showing the South lawn , Washington DC.

She takes meetings at the White House. | mj0007/iStock/Getty Images

In a move to become more involved in her father-in-law’s administration — despite the questionable ethics involved — Lara Trump started working inside the White House in late 2017. As the senior adviser on his re-election campaign, she has worked her way into more official meetings and roundtable discussions.

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She feels ‘lucky’ to be his daughter-in-law

She’s a proud member of the Trump family. | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

In the past, she has openly discussed how fortunate she feels to be a member of the Trump family. “I’m a girl from North Carolina who really has no business even being involved with this family,” she said. “But I just so happened to fall in love with a guy … and it worked.”

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Lara says her father-in-law ‘has a tremendous heart’

She’s close to her father-in-law | Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Lara Trump believes the president is a kind and thoughtful person, especially toward his family. She said in an interview that her father-in-law “is gracious with his time and has a tremendous heart. He is an incredibly loyal person and never forgets those who are loyal to him.”

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She and Eric added yet another grandkid to the Trump family

They welcomed their first child in September. | Win McNamee/Getty Images

Donald Trump’s ninth grandchild was born in September 2017. He is the first child of Lara and Eric, even though he already has eight older cousins to look up to. Within just a few months, Luke had already visited the Oval Office. Apparently, he looks just like his grandpa.

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