The Secrets of the ’90 Day Fiancé’ Cast Members’ Real Lives Before They Were On the Show, Revealed

When it comes to dramatic TLC shows, 90 Day Fiancé surely doesn’t disappoint. On the program, international couples receive a K1 visa that allows the foreign fiancé to visit their American significant other in the U.S. But if the couple does not wed in 90 days, the visa expires — and thus the drama and fun begins.

Does love know no bounds, or is the international barrier too much of a stretch? We may never know — but we do know that plenty of the cast members have secret pasts they wish the public didn’t hear about. Here are the most shocking details.

1. Danielle Mullins has a history of stealing credit cards

Danielle Mullins posing on a farm.

Her secrets have been uncovered. | The Fame via YouTube

American Danielle Mullins did marry her Tunisian beau, Mohamed, who was nearly half her age on the show. But that doesn’t mean they didn’t have their ups and downs — and eventually, the two went their separate ways after all. That’s not before Danielle’s criminal past was exposed for all to see, however.

In Touch Weekly explains Mohamed accused Danielle of stealing from him on the show, and that may not be so unwarranted. Danielle was charged with multiple felonies in 2005, along with other criminal charges regarding money theft and forgery.

2. Anfisa met her American fiancé, Jorge, on a cam site

Anfisa was previously a cam girl. | TLC via YouTube

When Jorge Nava said he fell in love with Russian beauty Anfisa’s photos on social media, viewers figured he meant Facebook. The Richest reports that’s not entirely accurate, however, as the two actually met when Anfisa was a webcam model.

The secret was out when a podcaster found an adult video of Anfisa online early in 2017, which beckoned the question: Did Jorge know about her past? As it turns out, Jorge confirmed to the podcaster he did know, for he met her when she was a cam girl. This shouldn’t be too surprising, however, as Anfisa has expressed interest in modeling for Playboy before.

3. Jorge couldn’t rent an apartment due to past felony charges

Anfisa and Jorge sit together in a kitchen.

Their relationship has been rocky. | TLC UK via YouTube

Jorge and Anfisa have proven themselves to be one of the most talked-about couples the show has ever seen. And while Jorge seemed somewhat down to earth compared to his wild partner, that doesn’t mean he’s without a criminal past.

Inquisitr explains Jorge was living out of hotel rooms and didn’t have an apartment, even when he was bringing his Russian fiancé over to the U.S. That’s because Jorge works in the medical marijuana business, and it wasn’t totally legal when he started. He was arrested, charged with a felony for cultivating marijuana, and spent a few days in jail.

4. Paul Staehle violated an emergency restraining order and committed arson

Paul's mugshot.

He has a criminal past. | RealityTVserieS via YouTube

American Paul Staehle was involved with multiple spats with the law for years — and he kept them a secret from his 90 Day Fiancé partner, Karine. Heavy reports Paul committed second-degree arson in 2007, and just seven years later, he burned his own personal property in an attempt to collect insurance money. It appears he may have served jail time, too.

And that’s not all, as Paul’s also been arrested for violating a restraining order after sending a text to his ex. Luckily for him, it seems Karine forgave him for his past mistakes.

5. Larry Passariello aspires to be a film star — and has a laughable YouTube channel to prove it

Larry Passariello has an interesting past. | TLC via YouTube

Larry Passariello flew to the Philippines to meet his girlfriend, Jenny — and after that, he was ready to start an entirely new life. Starcasm reports he cashed out his 401(k) with McDonald’s to fund his first trip. After that, he announced he was quitting his job, buying a camper, and documenting it all on his YouTube channel, where he’d eventually strike it rich.

This isn’t the first time Larry has tried to make a successful career via YouTube. He was making videos and uploading them on his channel for seven years prior to his appearance on 90 Day Fiancé, and he even admits his biggest dream is to be a YouTube star.

6. Sean Hiler’s Haitian girlfriend, Abby, may have been married before at just 17 years old

Abby during an interview with TLC.

Here’s what we know about Abby. | TLC via YouTube

It’s weird enough that 47-year-old Sean Hiler dated 20-year-old Abby — but it all gets weirder when it comes to Abby’s past. Starcasm says a Twitter user found a marriage announcement on Abby’s Facebook back in 2014, which would have made her just 17 years old at the time. Though it could have been a fake post, there was also an engagement announcement on social media a year prior.

Going even further back in her Facebook history, it appears Abby also posted an engagement announcement back in 2012. We may never know whether she really wedded once, twice, or not at all.

7. Darcey Silva and her twin sister wanted reality TV fame for years

Darcey Silva in front of a microphone during a radio interview.

Darcey is no stranger to reality television. | JennyMcCarthyTV via YouTube

Darcey Silva is known for her successful clothing line and Dutch boyfriend, Jesse Meester, but her reality TV roots may go back further than 90 Day Fiancé. reports there are screenshots proving Darcey Silva appeared on Million Dollar Matchmaker. If she did appear on the show, she was most likely looking for a date with a wealthy bachelor.

The publication also says Darcey and her twin sister previously put out a pilot episode for a reality show titled The Twin Life. It seems reality TV was always in the family’s plan.

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